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Friday, August 15, 2008

Vain Inc. Boudair Party Recap, AWESOME!!!

Wilder at Vain Inc. Boudair Party

Oh, what an awesome party it was! There were lots of familiar faces that attended the Vain Inc. Boudair Party. The event was exciting and so full of entertainment thanks to the fabulous guests that attended. Everyone had a good time and some of Sl's most well known people were amongst those in the crowd. Among these faces were Rusch Raymaker (CEO AVENUE INC.), Ammon Pera (Editor-in-chief of InV Magazine), Summer Deadlight (very well known SL model), and alot more from the world of fashion.

Toko Voom and Nyla Rossini Co-Owners of Vain Inc. Magazine and their staff made the event very enjoyable. With their combined talents and creativity, Vain Inc. Magazine has become a must see magazine to check out in-world, if you haven't checked it out check out Vain Inc.

Annette Wilder, CEO, Wilder PR, Rusch Raymaker, CEO, AVENUE Inc. (middle), Mahala Bing, PR Exec., Wilder PR

The party was about being and feeling sexy and everyone was encouraged to wear something sexy, like lingerie or whatever made them feel good about themselves.

The team of Wilder PR would like to thank Toko and Nyla of Vain Inc. Magazine for inviting us to this wonderful event!

Mahala Bing, PR Executive, Wilder PR Inc.

Pics on this post are by Mahala Bing