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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Front Facade of AVENUE'S beautiful building.

AVENUE'S gorgeous Runway Pool.

Breathtaking Waterfall view.


24 June 2008


PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Inc. for AVENUE INC & AVENUE MODELS

Re: Grand Reopening of AVENUE INC & AVENUE'S new television show

You are invited to the grand reopening of AVENUE MODELS. AVENUE INC, originally opened its doors in 2007 and quickly became one of the forces in the modeling business to be reckoned with. Now it is back and better than ever. AVENUE is not just back with the promise of more of the most amazing fashion shows you will see in SL, but there is now a very exciting television project in the works that will keep you on the edge of your seats wondering what will AVENUE be coming up with next. The show will be presented with the top names in fashion designers, magazines, photography and sponsored by real life companies who want to be a part of this groundbreaking television broadcast.

AVENUE INC now has a beautiful quarter sim and one of the most stupendous builds you will ever lay your eyes on in Second Life. Land courtesy of Relic Starbrook and his wife Kimberly Laughton, owners of Royal Properties. The look of the new company is something that is so grand it is definitely a must see and the gorgeous build is brought to you by JC Designs fabulous owners and designers, Babe and Eyeing Daligdig.

AVENUE INC, is the umbrella company for AVENUE Models, AVENUE Studio and AVENUE MODELS Academy. AVENUE is founded by Rusch Raymaker, CEO, and by her side is a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professional. Striving to continuously take the world of modeling to another level, AVENUE is certainly one to watch.

AVENUE MODELS Academy is a new addition to the fold. The Academy is currently accepting new students to attend the upcoming classes, scheduled to begin in the first week of July. Discover your modeling potential or update your modeling skills by joining the Academy where you will be provided the most comprehensive training any SL model would require. Taught by experience working top models from Runway Kidz, Runway Magazine and AVENUE Models, students will be taken on a journey of uncovering the best in themselves...preparing them for the modeling industry. For more information about becoming a student in this esteemed Academy contact Head Instructor, Kryptonia Paperdoll.

AVENUE MODELS has always set themselves apart from other agencies with their wide diverse variety of models. AVENUE truly celebrates beauty in all forms and the models at AVENUE are anything but typical beauties. AVENUE Studio is still known for being one of SL's most advanced and largest photography studios representing a team of 7 photographers that offer complete photography services for every occasion and business need including design and post editing services. If creative fashion shows, beautiful models, a luxury sim with an extraordinary build to match, and exciting television shows are things that interest you, AVENUE INC should definitely be a place that you keep an eye on. The future of SL fashion is about to be a part of it.


For more information regarding AVENUE INC, please contact Rusch Raymaker (CEO) of AVENUE INC, or Annette Wilder (CEO) of Wilder Public Relations Inc. Media wanting to have a tour of the location with the owner can contact Rusch Raymaker directly and setup and appointment.

To contact AVENUE INC by email:


To contact Wilder PR by email:





Monday, June 23, 2008

Commercial for Wilder PR Inc.

We would like to share with you our new commercial.

You can watch it at:

Thank you for all your support and for making Wilder such a successful one!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

War Child Charity Event

Hello All!

We at Wilder PR are supporting the War Child Charity Event that will be held all day tomorrow June 20 in SL. For more info on the charity and if you are interested in the press kit, please let Annette Wilder or Mahala Bing know by contacting them in-world.


Warchild Charity is holding an all day event on Fri 20 Jun , 10am -10pm SLT.

Live events all day in SL @ ISL SIM & all supporting shops, businesses and clubs.
Let's get together, give and show our support, to help a child-be a child again!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wilder PR as guest on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe

Annette Wilder, CEO, of Wilder Public Relations Inc will be a guest appearing on The Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe Show on June 22nd @ 6PM SLT.

You can watch the show live on

Or you can watch the show in-world and be part of the studio audience, please join us at:

Thank you, and we hope to see you there!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wilder PR is going Hollywood

Hello all,

Today we began our filming for our TV commercial. The machinima director is none other than the one and only AWM Mars of WBA Advertising along with WkdSpirit Bayliss. We film our second half on Monday the 16th. As soon as the commercial is done we will have it up for all of you to see so please stay tuned. The month of June is a big one for Wilder PR Inc. We appear on the Paisley Beebe Show (airing on SLCN tv) on the 22nd and wow are so excited. Paisley is SL's version of Oprah so lookout I'm sure she will try to get juicy details about Wilder PR out to the metaverse. We will definitely keep you all updated and we appreciate all the visits we get to our blog.

Annette Wilder, CEO, Wilder PR Inc.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Working Worlds Career Fair - update

Above pictures taken by Angelique Ronmark CEO of Studio Angel.

On May 29th we had the opportunity of helping GAX Technologies create a successful inworld event, the Working Worlds Career Fair. We are glad to have worked with them to make this event possible and honored that they chose Wilder PR to service their needs.

Here is the video stream of the event that was made by the one and only AWM Mars, director extraordinaire of WBA Advertising:

If you have missed this recent event, you may catch the next one on November 27, 2008 and interested candidates can go to and begin signing up for the next fair.

We hope to see you there!