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Thursday, December 13, 2012


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The following release if brought to you by BOSL & CO.

Press Release
Dec 12th, 2012

On Saturday December 15th at 10 am SLT, one of these ladies will become MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2013.
The all new FASHION DOME opens its doors to host the fashion event of the year! New stages, great live entertainment, A haute couture extravaganza where every designer takes their talents to the next level. 30 of the most beautiful ladies fight for the ultimate modeling crown in Second Life, and this year they do it for a good cause. MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2013 will bring awareness of the Michael J. Fox foundation and donation boxes will be placed at the FASHION CAFE for the after party. Please donate generously.

Watch MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2013 LIVE on December 15th @ 10 am SLT at:

There will be no live audience for this year's event, but the FASHION CAFE will open following the event to host the after party.


1.       Betty Draesia   ✦   MISS V♛ AUSTRALIA

2.       Ekaterina Tolczyner   ✦   MISS V♛ BOLIVIA

3.       Nayomi Gartner   ✦   MISS V♛ BRAZIL

4.       Anigma Eulenberg   ✦   MISS V♛ CANADA

5.       Meimei Shiu   ✦   MISS V♛ CHINA

6.       Kim Rongyu   ✦   MISS V♛ CYPRUS

7.       Irina Strazytski   ✦   MISS V♛ FINLAND

8.       Lolita Paragorn   ✦   MISS V♛ FRANCE

9.       Marzia Bandi   ✦   MISS V♛ GERMANY

10.    Rehana Seljan   ✦   MISS V♛ HONG KONG

11.    Bodza Mubble   ✦   MISS V♛ HUNGARY

12.    Zaara123   ✦   MISS V♛ ICELAND

13.    sessie16   ✦   MISS V♛ IRELAND

14.    Natzuka Miliandrovic   ✦   MISS V♛ ITALY

15.    Shinobu Istmal   ✦   MISS V♛ JAPAN

16.    Starline Igeria   ✦   MISS V♛ KENYA

17.    Ananya Mai   ✦   MISS V♛ MALASYA

18.   Linnda Scofield   ✦   MISS V♛ NETHERLANDS

19.   Dana Yotov   ✦   MISS V♛ PHILIPPINES

20.   Audrey Cresci   ✦   MISS V♛ POLAND

21.   Jade Spectre   ✦   MISS V♛ PORTUGAL

22.   Hezabel Blackheart   ✦   MISS V♛ PUERTO RICO

23.   Dolcestella Draconia   ✦   MISS V♛ RUSSIA

24.   Mio Linette   ✦   MISS V♛ SINGAPORE  

25.   Celestial Lunasea   ✦   MISS V♛ TAIWAN

26.   Ashia Denimore   ✦   MISS V♛ THAILAND

27.   Nice Wildrose   ✦   MISS V♛ TURKEY  

28.   Leah McCullough   ✦   MISS V♛ URUGUAY

29.   Imani Enzo   ✦   MISS V♛ USA

30.   Diana Balhaus   ✦   MISS V♛ VENEZUELA