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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Welcome to Wilder PR, Inc.

First and foremost I, Annette Wilder, would like to welcome you to Wilder Public Relations, Inc. It is my pleasure to be serving the Second Life business community with diligence and skill within the public relations field. As my client and contact list continues to grow, I am thrilled to bring you the very best SL has to offer. My intentions are to constantly improve and enhance our abilities in this dynamic and virtual world to bring attention to my client's products.

A bit about Wilder PR CEO:

Annette Wilder: I am the Founder and President of Wilder Public Relations Incorporated. I began Wilder Public Relations Firm as a result of being the Public Relations Specialist for Avenue Models. Rusch Raymaker saw in me the ability to do well at PR even when I did not see it in myself. Working as PR in the fashion world was fast pace and very interesting and I learned to sharpen my skills as a communicator. In real life I am a college graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising. Public Relations seemed to come natural for me as I am a communications major who loves to talk, proficient writer and is really interested in how businesses are ran. When I take on your business as a client I want to know the ins and outs of how it works.I do not take on clients who I feel are not up to par. Wilder Public Relations has been called the best in SL and with that title comes the responsibility to also work with the best clients in SL. Each of our clients are hand picked and we represent them with pride. In SL there are three things that I take pride in and those are my sl family, friends, and my baby which is my PR business that I have nurtured and helped grow from Wilder Public Relations Firm to Wilder Public Relations Incorporated. If you are chosen to come on this wild ride that I call PR with me, trust me it will be worth the trip and I'll get you to where you need to go. My clients are important to me and for those of you who have entrusted your business to me I say, "Thanks. Thanks for your trust, dedication and hard work. I look forward to continue to serve you as well as my future clients."