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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ansleigh's Corner

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to participate in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Second Life, and I was in attendance at the closing ceremonies this morning. During this event, three devastating words and the heart breaking, life altering changes they bring were mention frequently: you have cancer. They spoke of how terrifying they were to hear and how they hoped that, through Relay and the myriad of other efforts to fight cancer around the world, we might one day erase the need for them at all.

I’m blessed to have never had to hear those words, but they have affected me. When I was very young, I was told of my great-grandparents who died from lung cancer, and I was there at the funeral of my favorite aunt who lost her battle with breast cancer. I was much too young to understand what cancer was at the time, but as I grew older and learned more about it, I was filled anew with sadness at the untimely passing of my family members. Perhaps, if there had only been more research, more treatments available, maybe Grammy would still be here today.

Though I still miss my aunt very much, I know that she lived a wonderful long life and was at peace in the end. The person whose cancer story affects me the most and the reason why Relay is so important to me is not a family member, but rather a woman that I barely knew.

As a freshman in college, I was randomly assigned a roommate from my hometown. I didn’t know her, so my family invited hers to dinner before we left for school in order for us to get acquainted. I immediately liked the girl; she was spunky and vivacious and very sweet. Being raised southern, I place a great deal of emphasis on manners, and hers were great, I especially appreciated the way she respected her mother and father: you could tell how much they all loved each other just being around them.

That dinner party went wonderfully, my roommate’s mother was kind and amiable- she was a teacher at a local high school and had tons of charisma- everyone in my family liked her immediately. She wore a hat the entire time she was at my house, which at the time I thought a little bit quirky. I mentioned this later to my parents and was in turn shocked as they gravely shared with me that my new friend’s mother had very advanced cancer and that she would be starting very aggressive treatment for it as soon as we were settled in school.

I couldn’t believe it. You would have never known from speaking to this woman that she was sick. She never let on if she was in any kind of discomfort and she was a joy to have around. In the weeks that followed, as my roommate and I moved away and started our classes, the memory of what my parents told me faded and stayed hidden in the back of my mind.

My roommate never spoke about her mother’s condition and she never seemed sad or worried. She is in fact a great deal like her mother; never letting on the pain she was in. As the fall progressed, I began to notice a change in her, however. I would come home and see that her eyes were red and swollen, she spent a great deal of time on the phone with her parents, and then she began making frequent trips home.

One September evening, we were sitting in a study session for a big test the next day when she got a phone call. Her mother had fallen into a coma, and things did not look well. She left immediately for home, an hour and a half away; to be there should things take a turn for the worst. One of the most painful memories I have is finding out later that she didn’t make it in time; that her mother passed away before she got there to say goodbye.

She remains one of my very dearest friends. I was a witness not only to her mother’s battle with cancer, but the battle she and her family faced as well. It was a long time before that infectious smile graced her face, a long time before I didn’t come home to find her wrapped in a blanket pretending not to be crying, a long time before she was able to move past the pain and grief over a mother taken entirely too soon.

But she did. She was always brilliant, but to this day she maintains some of the highest marks in our class. She does it in memory of her mother, the teacher, and she does it for herself. Her mother taught her to persevere, to be strong in the face of adversity, and to never give up. She fought right until the very end, and her battle embodied every one of those traits she passed on to her daughter. I’m proud to call them both my friends.

It was this story that inspired me to participate in my first Relay the spring after my friend lost her mother. I was amazed and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for the families of those lost, for survivors, and for those in the midst of their battles. I’ve participated in Relay ever since, always in honor of my friend and in the memory of both her mother and those whom my own family has lost. When I found out that Relay for Life had a Second Life counterpart, I could not wait to see what this wonderful world's take on it would be.

I was not disappointed. Relay for Life in SL was just as moving, just as inspiring as it is in real life. The creativity and love that was put into each detail, from organizing the entire event right down to the design of the sims and campsites, was incredibly moving. Many of us come to SL to escape our real lives, or to merely play a game. To see so many people gathered to honor and support each other's real life struggles was very emotional for me. This year’s relay raised over a quarter of a million U.S. dollars; an amazing some by any account, but especially impressive if you compare it to an average SL salary.

Words cannot express how proud I am to be a part of a community capable of showing such depths of love and caring. As we all walked our final lap after the closing ceremonies, I read many of the notes attached to the luminaria along the course. There were many that alluded to stories just like the one I have shared, but there were also many that expressed the overarching theme of Relay: hope. Relay for Life inspires great hope in me. It is something I can do that really makes a difference. I would encourage you all to do your part to make a difference in someone’s life this week, be it volunteering or simply performing a good deed.

As always, we’d like to express our gratitude to our wonderful friends, clients, and colleagues, many of whom participated in this year’s Relay setting up kiosks in their stores or designing merchandise to profit the American Cancer Society. We are so grateful for all that you do to improve and give back to our SL community and we are proud to call you our friends. I hope the week ahead is both productive and enjoyable for all of you.

Wishing you only the best,
Ansleigh Beverly
Office Manager, Wilder PR


Bliss Couture

19 JULY 2009


PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. for Bliss Couture

Re: 10,000 Member Appreciation Sale!
One of the biggest events to hit the grid for the month of July is Bliss Couture's 10,000 Member Appreciation Sale! This is not just another sale this is "the sale" you don't want to miss. All of Amutey's dazzling designs will be a whopping 70% off.

Yes you read it correctly Bliss Couture's group membership is 10,000 strong and growing more each day. There are 3500 members in the regular Bliss Couture group and 6800 members in the Subscribe-O-Matic group.There will also be a $1L gift given to all members of the group who attend this huge sale! In order to acquire the gift one must wear the Bliss Couture group tag and click buy on the gift for $1L. Amutey Decuir the creative genius behind Bliss Couture would love to show her customers just how much she appreciates the fact that they have chosen Bliss as their top ranking formal wear of choice. This huge sale is open to the public and will be held for one week only. Sale begins July 25th and ends promptly August 1st. Bliss Couture is known for its beautifully crafted gowns plentiful with intense colors that are a treat for the eye to behold.

Bliss Couture is Founded and Owned by Amutey DeCuir, who never stops taking her skills of design to the next level. In real life Amutey is an artist and photographer. When wearing one of Amutey's gowns a woman feels glamorous. Amutey's designs remind you that you don't have to be a model to feel like all the world is your "catwalk." Amutey releases new designs often, at least one per week. She works vigorously to assure that her customers feel special when wearing her clothing. She only puts out items that she herself would proudly wear. With 10,000 group members the proof is definitely there that Bliss Couture has arrived and it is here to stay. When you step into the room wearing a Bliss Couture a first impression will be made.

For more information regarding Bliss Couture, please contact Amutey DeCuir-Owner. Media wanting to interview or setup appointment with Amutey please contact Annette Wilder-Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc™ Owner.

Date: 25 July 2009(Saturday)
Venue: Gown

Bliss Couture blog:

Media may also contact Wilder PR by e-mail:

To learn more about Wilder PR visit our website:


Stopping in to say hello...

Well hello everyone since I haven't written much here lately I decided to come in today and post a small update. Ansleigh does such an excellent job with her Sunday bloggings there really is never anything else for me to say. We are having many new things in the works and the office is buzzing with the excitement of the upcoming possibilities. We also have gotten applications for the assistant position and will now begin the interviewing process. If you sent a resume' and it got our attention we will definitely be contacting you in order to setup an interview with you. I wanted to take this time to thank our great clients, our supporters, and of course Ansleigh Beverly. Since becoming Office Manager Ansleigh has hit the ground running and I'm very proud of the work she does for the office. A reminder to you all Wilder Photography is open and you can get more information from our website under Wilder Photography. Also, Sigma Eta Tau Ladies' Society is still accepting new members for more information please contact Sensuous Soulstar in-world.

Next, on our busy agenda we are working with Amutey for Bliss Couture and that information will be posted tomorrow. For the month of August we will have an ad in Best of SL Magazine be sure to check out that issue. We had a great commercial made this month for Vengeance radio and I must say the staff over there is great and we thank them for all their help with our commercial and commercials for our clients. We have a vast majority of projects waiting in the wings and we are very confident that 2009 will continue to go as smoothly and busy as it has so far.We look forward to continue bringing you the very best that Second Life has to offer.

Annette Wilder, Owner, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.™/Wilder Photography™

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ansleigh's Corner

As a student of sociology, I find Second Life to be one of the most interesting places to people watch that's out there. Second Life is not merely an alternate life, it is a wholly separate reality, with its own set of rules and tenets to guide our behavior. One of the things I find most fascinating is watching people interact and figure these rules out.

For instance, we’ve all seen the noob on his first day in SL approach another avatar with the popular line “wanna…?”- well you can fill in the blank. Such a thing would never happen in real life and this is because all of our normal inhibitions are taken away by the cloak of anonymity we assume upon logging in. Even those who come into Second Life and try to maintain the social laws of RL soon find themselves having to adjust. Modesty, for example, is one of the first things to go as clothing mishaps and not-quite-rezzed avatars are bound to be encountered on a regular basis. We get used to all of these things pretty quickly, and soon conform to the altered manners and customs of our second world.

Sometimes, a release from our everyday inhibitions and fears can be a good thing. Someone too timid to speak to strangers might be the life of the party at some event on the grid, or someone self conscious might fashion themself into a supermodel on their virtual catwalk, and stories abound of those with the dream of becoming RL entrepreneurs, but perhaps not the means, becoming moguls of the metaverse.

But even in each of these categories, the differences in SL are clearly marked. Nowhere have I seen this to be more true than in the Second Life business community. Second Life is a powerful medium, and it allows us to do almost anything we can imagine. Indeed, just among Wilder’s pool of clients there seems to be limitless creativity and talent. And let’s not forget that Wilder Public Relations itself was dreamt up and built, pixel by pixel, by Annette Wilder.

These kinds of dreams can only be realized, even in SL, by investing incredible amounts of hard work, dedication, and a certain flair. Take our client Amutey DeCuir, for instance. We’ve just completed a job promoting her contest searching for Miss Bliss Couture 2010. She’s accepting applications until the end of July, and already she’s had an overwhelming response. Why? Because Amutey creates not just pretty dresses, but veritable works of art in this virtual world. She has spent considerable amounts of time honing her craft and is recognized by girls all over the grid as one of the best, and now those same girls are clamoring to be the face of her brand.

Wilder is proud to represent the best-people like Amutey, and Mami Jewell of AZUL, who never ceases to amaze with her gorgeous creations. These ladies as well as all of our other clients are constantly working to improve themselves and bring us bigger and better offerings as they do.
This is the type of drive that we respect here at Wilder, and these are the types of people we are honored to have as our clients. They take their businesses in SL as seriously as they would in RL and we find that admirable, for unfortunately, there are those who will always hide behind their anonymity here and use SL as a tool to stir up trouble. In RL, it is not uncommon for people to covet the success of others, but because of those social pressures absent in SL, their disquiet is largely unnoticed. In the metaverse, anyone with an internet connection, a grudge, and a blog can spread their jealously all over the web.

We at Wilder take pride that we accept only the best as clients here, the type above such petty behavior, and the type that behavior is usually aimed at. As always, we extend our deepest gratitude to those clients, as well as our friends and colleagues, for helping make us the success we are today. We are forever thankful for all that you do for us and wish also to express our appreciation also for what you do to enhance Second Life for us all.

I encourage you all to take time this week to express your own appreciation to someone who has made your Second Life better, be it your favorite fashion designer, friend, or family member. Perhaps a nice note, some flowers, maybe a hug. There are so many people trying to tear each other down; let’s do our part to build others up. For what it’s worth, I hope the following week is filled with success and happiness for you all.

Wishing you only the best,
Ansleigh Beverly
Office Manager, Wilder PR

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wilder is doing so many wonderful jobs and working with some really great people. I am so proud of the work Ansleigh and I are doing and the people we are honored to meet on our PR travels. Ansleigh has done a wonderful job revamping our plain boring website to its NEW IMPROVED STATE and we are getting great responses. I decided since I'm getting into photography I would make our new logo. I'm excited that we are moving upward and onward with many new exciting things enroute. Stay tuned for more! Thank you all for continuing to help us grow. Also we are getting great response to our assistant position we are hiring. Keep the applications coming to Ansleigh Beverly, we look forward to interviewing you all! For information on how to apply read my profile information and teleport to the Wilder board to get application, fill out, and send to Ansleigh. Remember only applications sent to Ansleigh Beverly will be considered for the position.

Annette Wilder, Owner, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.™

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ansleigh's Corner

For those of us in the United States, we’ve just marked another birthday of our great nation. Across the country, families gathered en masse, hamburgers were grilled by the dozen, watermelon was consumed by the pound, and the fireworks were bigger and better than ever. What can I say; we just do it big here.

In that fine tradition, we have some big things going on at Wilder. First, as previously mentioned on the blog, our company is expanding with the launch of Wilder Photography. Annette has been working hard honing her skills, and the results are very impressive. As with most anything she sets her mind to, photography has become yet another opportunity for her creativity and talent to shine. We are happy to be able to offer this new service to our clients. You may check out Annette's awesome work on her Flickr at or contact her either via IM in-world or by email to inquire about rates.

In keeping with our theme of all things bigger and better, we are proud to be promoting Amutey Decuir’s Miss Bliss Couture 2010 contest. Wilder previously had the pleasure of working with Miss Decuir on her Spring Fashion Show, and we are excited to be teamed up again for the best contest on the grid. Amutey is searching for the face of Bliss Couture, and that lucky girl will get to not only work closely with her as Bliss Couture’s spokesmodel, but also win a host of other prizes. For more information on this fabulous competition, be sure to check out our press release posted here on the blog as well as on the website.

We’ve made it to the middle of the summer and things are really heating up. We have many exciting projects in the works, so be sure to check back soon to see what fantastic jobs we’ll be working on in the coming weeks. As ever, we wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our clients, colleagues, and friends for all that they’ve done and continue to do for us. It is your continued support that has made us as successful as we are, and we could not be more grateful.
I hope that those of you who celebrated the holiday had a very happy and fun Independence Day, and I hope that those of you outside of the U.S. had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. I also hope that you all have a wonderful and productive week ahead of you. Do take time out to enjoy the wonderful summer. It will be gone before you know it, so be sure to make the most of it while you can!

Wishing you only the best,
Ansliegh Beverly
Office Manager, Wilder PR

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wilder Photography now open and Registration for Sigma Eta Tau (*ΣΗΤ*) Ladies' Society happening now!

Wilder Photography is now open!! For information about rates please contact Annette Wilder in-world to receive a notecard. To view pictures taken by Annette Wilder please go to our links on the side of the page and click Annette Wilder's Flickr.

Another wonderful thing happening right now is the registration for Sigma Eta Tau (*ΣΗΤ*) Ladies' Society. I have joined it and I am loving the purpose of the group and what it stands for. Sigma Eta Tau is founded by Sensuous Soulstar and it is going to be a woman's group that will truly involve sisterhood for all women of all races, ages, and without any discrimination. Here is some information about the group and if Sigma Eta Tau sounds like the type of positive group for you please contact Sensuous Soulstar in-world for information or teleport to the location for registration information We hope to see you as a new sister of this group wearing these great jackets!

Sigma Eta Tau (*ΣΗΤ*) Ladies' Society serves to provide women with the knowledge and support to not only make it in today's world, but to rise above and beyond the average woman. For too long, women have depended on the knowledge of others to sustain them, but it's time for things to change. We can inform ourselves, we can get involved in the pressing issues, and we can constantly improve on ourselves in this ever-changing world.

*ΣΗΤ* serves as a catalyst in promoting women to the forefront. Our goal is simply to provide a haven for women to help themselves with an atmosphere of sisterhood, seeing to it that no woman has to walk the road alone.

Created in June 2009, *ΣΗΤ* aims to not only bring women together in a spirit of learning, but to lift spirits and celebrate our heritage as women. Although our main focus is to host classes and informative sessions, we realize that although knowledge is power, happiness is key. So, through special monthly themed events, informal chat sessions, and regular "sunday brunches", we will also make sure to enjoy ourselves throughout the journey.

*ΣΗΤ* does not discriminate based on age, race, sexuality, or any other preference. We accept and love all women, and all are welcome. Unlike formal sororities, there is no pledge process. Once you register and we have received your information, you are officially a Sigma Eta Tau Lady!

However, we do take pride in ourselves and our organization. We have worked hard to make this organization what it is and will not tolerate any drama, offensive language, racism, hateful speech, or general "hating" in any form. We're working to bring sisters together, and anyone not on the same page and in harmony with others will be removed immediately.

ΣΗΤ serves to help sisters help themselves. Remember the motto: We Sigma Eta Tau ladies will stay informed,will stay involved, and will stay constantly improving. We WILL do for ourselves.


Bliss Couture

3 JULY 2009


PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. for Bliss Couture

Re: Miss Bliss Couture 2010
Would you like to win $10,000L, be seen as the "face" for a top clothing brand, and be featured in one of SL's most prominent magazines? If so read on to find out how this can be possible.

The search for Miss Bliss Couture 2010 has begun! Entries will be accepted until July 30th so all interested models should quickly apply. We are calling every beautiful model and every classy woman who adores Bliss Couture clothing. Many women would love to be the "Face" of Bliss Couture and wear the title of Miss Bliss Couture 2010, are you one of them? Only ONE will be chosen as Miss Bliss Couture 2010 and that lucky lady will appear in most vendor ads for new clothing and will exclusively be the model in all print advertising for magazines and other media. Miss Bliss Couture will be given priority for all modeling jobs available, only being replaced in the event of her being unavailable. Miss Bliss Couture will be awarded a specially designed diamond jewelry set from Alyssa Bijoux. She will also be given all future Bliss Couture releases throughout her one year reign, $10,000L Cash Prize, and of course the title of Miss Bliss 2010. The winner will also receive an invitation to the prestigious Boulevard Agency and an interview for BOSL Magazine. With prizes like these who would not want to be part of a contest of this magnitude?

Miss Bliss Couture 2010 is a multi level competition based on photos, live modeling and objective judging. There will be no voting from friends the competitors will only be judged by the distinguished panel of judges chosen for the event. The rules to the contest are as followed:

Step 1 - Join "THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers" Group. All notices and results will be announced in this group only. All contestants also, have to join the Bliss Couture In-world Group to be part of this contest.

Step 2 - Models will submit photos of themselves wearing a dress or outfit from Bliss Couture. One full body and one headshot 512 X 512 (FULL PERM) each. Full body photos will be judged on styling, while headshots will judged based on the visual appeal of the model. Please send your entry in a folder (not a notecard) to Caymon Zhora. Label your entry MISS BLISS COUTURE 2010 (YOUR NAME).

Step 3 - 100 girls will be selected from these entries for a live audition callback. Models should again wear a Bliss Couture dress or outfit and style themselves in a way they believe represents the image of Bliss Couture. The live audition will include a runway walk and will take place over 2 live audition times so all girls will have a chance to be seen.

Step 4 - The pool will be narrowed down to 20 models from the live audition. Since the winner of the competition will be working closely with designer Amutey DeCuir, it is important that the girl herself show signs of reliability and be personable. An interview will be scheduled for each girl to gauge for compatibility between model and designer.

Step 5 - The pool of 20 will be narrowed down to 10. The 10 finalists will all have a photoshoot wearing the same dress provided to them by Bliss Couture. These photos by a professional photographer will be judged by a panel and will determine the top 5.

Step 6 - The top 5 will all be invited to be Bliss Couture Models on staff for live modeling, runway modeling, special events, and select vendor ads. The 5 finalists will walk in a runway show, wearing all new releases from Bliss Couture. A panel of judges will be present to determine the winner.

If you think you got what it takes to represent the outstanding designs of Bliss Couture what are you waiting for, apply today!

For more information regarding Bliss Couture, please contact Amutey DeCuir-Owner. Media wanting to interview or setup appointment with Amutey please contact Annette Wilder-Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc™ Owner.

To view the competitors please visit the showroom below:

Bliss Couture blog:

Media may also contact Wilder PR by e-mail:

To learn more about Wilder PR visit our website:


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wilder PR would like to take this time to congratulate Ansleigh Beverly. She has been an awesome Administrative Assistant and now she has been promoted to Manager. She is without a doubt the best choice of a new hire ever made by Annette Wilder. I want to thank Ansleigh for her dedication and hard work. She is very smart and very good at every task that is sent her way. She is multi-talented and there seems to be nothing she can't do. Each day I learn more and more of her skills and talents and I can't thank her enough for being part of Wilder PR. Ansleigh has revamped our website and it looks gorgeous. We are still making a few minor changes but be sure to check it out. There is no obstacle this woman can't overcome. She saw a website that needed work and she put in overtime to get it done. Click the logo above and visit our NEW AND IMPROVED WEBSITE!! I am in awe of her presence and look forward to growing the team with her by my side as the awesome Manager I know she will be. If you see Ansleigh in-world feel free to congratulate her, she has earned any and every ounce of congratulations and praise that she receives!

On another note Wilder PR is now hiring for a new Administrative Assistant for more information please contact Ansleigh Beverly in-world. We have received some great applicants and look forward to many more. Thank you all for wanting to be part of the growing team of Wilder PR, we look forward to interviewing you soon!

Annette Wilder, Owner, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.