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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stopping in to say hello...

Well hello everyone since I haven't written much here lately I decided to come in today and post a small update. Ansleigh does such an excellent job with her Sunday bloggings there really is never anything else for me to say. We are having many new things in the works and the office is buzzing with the excitement of the upcoming possibilities. We also have gotten applications for the assistant position and will now begin the interviewing process. If you sent a resume' and it got our attention we will definitely be contacting you in order to setup an interview with you. I wanted to take this time to thank our great clients, our supporters, and of course Ansleigh Beverly. Since becoming Office Manager Ansleigh has hit the ground running and I'm very proud of the work she does for the office. A reminder to you all Wilder Photography is open and you can get more information from our website under Wilder Photography. Also, Sigma Eta Tau Ladies' Society is still accepting new members for more information please contact Sensuous Soulstar in-world.

Next, on our busy agenda we are working with Amutey for Bliss Couture and that information will be posted tomorrow. For the month of August we will have an ad in Best of SL Magazine be sure to check out that issue. We had a great commercial made this month for Vengeance radio and I must say the staff over there is great and we thank them for all their help with our commercial and commercials for our clients. We have a vast majority of projects waiting in the wings and we are very confident that 2009 will continue to go as smoothly and busy as it has so far.We look forward to continue bringing you the very best that Second Life has to offer.

Annette Wilder, Owner, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.™/Wilder Photography™