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Friday, July 3, 2009

Wilder Photography now open and Registration for Sigma Eta Tau (*ΣΗΤ*) Ladies' Society happening now!

Wilder Photography is now open!! For information about rates please contact Annette Wilder in-world to receive a notecard. To view pictures taken by Annette Wilder please go to our links on the side of the page and click Annette Wilder's Flickr.

Another wonderful thing happening right now is the registration for Sigma Eta Tau (*ΣΗΤ*) Ladies' Society. I have joined it and I am loving the purpose of the group and what it stands for. Sigma Eta Tau is founded by Sensuous Soulstar and it is going to be a woman's group that will truly involve sisterhood for all women of all races, ages, and without any discrimination. Here is some information about the group and if Sigma Eta Tau sounds like the type of positive group for you please contact Sensuous Soulstar in-world for information or teleport to the location for registration information We hope to see you as a new sister of this group wearing these great jackets!

Sigma Eta Tau (*ΣΗΤ*) Ladies' Society serves to provide women with the knowledge and support to not only make it in today's world, but to rise above and beyond the average woman. For too long, women have depended on the knowledge of others to sustain them, but it's time for things to change. We can inform ourselves, we can get involved in the pressing issues, and we can constantly improve on ourselves in this ever-changing world.

*ΣΗΤ* serves as a catalyst in promoting women to the forefront. Our goal is simply to provide a haven for women to help themselves with an atmosphere of sisterhood, seeing to it that no woman has to walk the road alone.

Created in June 2009, *ΣΗΤ* aims to not only bring women together in a spirit of learning, but to lift spirits and celebrate our heritage as women. Although our main focus is to host classes and informative sessions, we realize that although knowledge is power, happiness is key. So, through special monthly themed events, informal chat sessions, and regular "sunday brunches", we will also make sure to enjoy ourselves throughout the journey.

*ΣΗΤ* does not discriminate based on age, race, sexuality, or any other preference. We accept and love all women, and all are welcome. Unlike formal sororities, there is no pledge process. Once you register and we have received your information, you are officially a Sigma Eta Tau Lady!

However, we do take pride in ourselves and our organization. We have worked hard to make this organization what it is and will not tolerate any drama, offensive language, racism, hateful speech, or general "hating" in any form. We're working to bring sisters together, and anyone not on the same page and in harmony with others will be removed immediately.

ΣΗΤ serves to help sisters help themselves. Remember the motto: We Sigma Eta Tau ladies will stay informed,will stay involved, and will stay constantly improving. We WILL do for ourselves.