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Friday, December 24, 2010

Well Wishes from Wilder PR

Wilder PR turned three years old this month! We would like to thank all of you for your support through the years and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!!

Annette Wilder,Owner, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Secondnights calling all Musicians, Managers, and Club Owners!

The following information provided by Simone Peterman, CEO of Secondnights.

Secondnights for Musicians, Managers and Club Owners
Secondnights is the perfect networking site for Musicians, Managers and Club Owners.

As a performer or musician in Secondnights you can showcase your work by building a page with information about yourself and your talent, link the page to your other social networking pages, and embed videos for everyone to view.

As a Manager or Club Owner you can discover new talent and contact the best performers in SL all from

Use Secondnights to:
Promote your events
Promote yourself
Find musician friends
Find live music events to go to
Connect with other music lovers

And the best part is it is all is FREE!!!!

So check it out:

Joining Secondnights is simple:
1) Log in on Secondnights or register your free account
2) Visit the URL
3) Choose "Add a new item in the SLURLS" near the logo
4) Fill the page with your info and then Save.

At the end of November the most viewed Musician will get a featured interview on our Home page, in our in-world upcoming Secondnighters Magazine, and a full page with audio files live on the Secondnights web site.

For more information please contact:
in-world: Simone Peterman

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Wilder Side of Business gets up close and personal with Simone Peterman

Simone Peterman was our guest today on The Wilder Side of Business he did an excellent interview go here to listen:

Here are all the ways for you to keep up with Simone Peterman and Secondnights:

If you have any questions for Simone please send your emails to:

In World you can contact Simone Peterman with a notecard or send an IM.

Wilder PR thanks Simone for being our very special guest today and we thank you our guest for tuning in!

Wilder PR Team

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Party like a Rockstar with Secondnights!

The dashing Simone Peterman of Secondnights will be our special guest this Sunday October 24th on The Wilder Side of Business. Simone is the CEO and Manager of the very well known Secondnights website. Secondnights is known as the community for entertainment lovers. If there is anything going on in Second Life from parties to huge blowout must see events you will read about it on the Secondnights website. If you want to stay informed with things to do in Second Life then Secondnights is the place for you! Join us October 24th at 8 a.m for an in-depth interview with Simone. If you have any questions you would like to ask our guest please send them to or if you are a member of Plurk you can Plurk your questions to us before or during the show.

To listen to the show:

To learn more about Secondnights visit:

The Wilder PR Team

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vacation Reminder...

Just a reminder that Wilder PR will be closed for vacation from October 16th until October 25th. We will broadcast a new episode of The Wilder Side of Business October 24th. Our guest will be Simone Peterman, CEO, of Secondnights. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming show!

Annette Wilder, CEO,Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Phaylen Fairchild Answers Your Questions from The Wilder Side of Business

(Image property of Phaylen Fairchild)

This week on The Wilder Side of Business talk radioshow we had Phaylen Fairchild as our guest. Time did not permit for us to get to all the questions asked from our listeners and the wonderful Phaylen agreed to answer your remaining three questions so we could post them for you all to see. Thank you so much for your time and being a guest Phaylen, it was our pleasure!

Diego asked: What is the most rewarding thing about creating movies in a virtual environment?

Phaylen's reply to Diego: The most rewarding thing is most certainly the satisfaction one gets after completing a project. I'm sure this is the case in any field; for writers it's that satisfaction when finishing a book. For someone who likes to knit, it's that moment you complete that final stitch and spread it out to take it all in. From the moment you take that first shot, everything you do afterward is in pursuit of the completion. It's amazing to watch something come together, and that feeling you get in the afterglow is quite addictive!

Whimsey asked: Granny panties or thongs? (lol that one cracked me up)

Phaylen's answer to Whimsey: I'm all about forging my own path instead of following ones already made. In an effort to restore long lost trends, I'm all about the Care Bear Under-Roos.

Evangeline asked: What are the titles of the movies you worked on besides Divas?
Phaylen's response to Evangeline: I created and produced the Second Life Reality Series "I Wanna Be A Celebrity"
I created the official Burning Life 2008 promotional teaser for Linden Lab
I was the voice of the main character in Toxic Menges film "Little Red Riding Hood" which was a reimaging of the classic tale.
I was the voice of Mistress X in the sci-fi Machinima series "the Hunter"
I did the now rather archaic film "Welcome to Your Second Life"
I did the Old Spice Spoof "I'm on a Yak" commercial
I created the Moxie Polano featurette of the Woman in The Water
The film trailer for the online game Angels & Demons
I'm working on a short film called The End Of The World based on my short story.

To learn more about Phaylen visit:

To hear our interview with Phaylen click the link below:

The Wilder PR Team

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action with Phaylen Fairchild!

(photo property of Phaylen Fairchild)

Phaylen Fairchild was our amazing guest today on The Wilder Side of Business. Phaylen's movies and tv shows are very innovative and she has been called an SL Legend when it comes to her creative concepts. Whether she is filming, acting, writing for a fashion magazine, producing a radio podcast, or being one of the first in Second Life to have a One Woman Comedy Show Phaylen is definitely one of Second Life's movers and shakers who continues to push the boundaries of the virtual realm and make it her own.

To learn more about Phaylen visit:

To hear our interview with Phaylen click the link below:

Wilder PR Team

The Wilder Side of Business Social Segment

Weekly Social Segment

10-10-10 Event
from Callie Cline
Ten designers come together to bring SL 10 days of special 10L$ items to celebrate this one-in-100 year event.
Designers include: anthony's republic, barnesworth anubis, caLLie cLine, djinn & tonic, glitterati, grim babies, indyra originals,
MAD designs, Mudhoney, and TRUTH.

Jewelry Fair
from Whimsy Winx
Jewelry Fair kicked off Friday and goes through the 17th. Be sure to check it out for the latest from SL's most stylish jewelers.
The event is "Beauty and the Beast" themed and some of the sales are going to Oxfam International.

Imagine Festival
Today is the last day of the Imagine Festival- and event is run by the Imagine Network, which advocates for a better world, human rights, and social
and environmental jusice for all. There are lots of great events happening around the grid today, and you can follow everything that's going on at
their blog.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lights Camera Action...Phaylen Fairchild to appear on The Wilder Side of Business!

The Wilder Side of Business

4 October 2010

For Immediate Release

Lights Camera Action...The fascinating Phaylen Fairchild will appear on The Wilder Side of Business October 10th at 8am SLT. We are delighted to have Phaylen as a guest and very eager to find out what impressive new projects she has coming up.For those of you who don't know Phaylen she is a very highly acclaimed virtual machinamist who has a knack for creating side splitting comedy. Machinima (muh-sheen-eh-mah) is filmmaking within a real-time 3D virtual environment, often using 3D video-game technologies.

Phaylen's movies and tv shows are very innovative and she has been called an SL Legend when it comes to her creative concepts. Whether she is filming, acting, writing for a fashion magazine, producing a radio podcast, or being one of the first in Second Life to have a One Woman Comedy Show Phaylen is definitely one of Second Life's movers and shakers who continues to push the boundaries of the virtual realm and make it her own.

To learn more about Phaylen visit:

To find out more about The Wilder Side of Business go to:

The Wilder PR Team

WilderWeb Now Officially Opened!


4 October 2010

For Immediate Release

PR Contact: Ansleigh Beverly, Manager of Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.
Re: The official opening of WilderWeb

As a business owner in Second Life, you understand the importance of a strong online presence. Whether you communicate with your customers through Plurk, a blog, or a full web site, you know that appeal and functionality are just as important on the web as they are in-world. Take a moment to consider your company’s representation on the internet. Is it time to take your website in a new direction? Does your blog’s look need improvement? Is your Plurk layout lacking? Perhaps you’re launching a new web application and don’t have the know how to do it yourself. Perhaps with everything else required to run a successful business you just don’t have time. Let us help.

Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. is a leader in the Second Life public relations field. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the utmost in service, and our list of successful PR campaigns prove that we’re the best around. We are now proud to add to our repertoire web design services. No matter what you need to make your online presence the best it can be, WilderWeb can help you get there.

If you choose to engage our webdesign services, we will work closely with you to create exactly what you want. Whether it is a single element or a cohesive web presence, we are confident that WilderWeb has what it takes to create appealing designs that will increase the overall success of your business.

For more information, a consultation, or pricing, please contact Ansleigh Beverly, manager for Wilder PR and designer for WilderWeb.

To learn more about Wilder PR visit our website:


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Modavia Fashion Directory 2010 Out Now!

Modavia Fashion Directory 2010

(Ad provided by Poptart Lilliehook)

The amazing Modavia Fashion Directory 2010 is out now! If you have not seen it yet hurry down and get you a copy. The Modavia Fashion Directory is a treat for the eyes of any true fashionista. We will post the ISSU online copy information as soon as it is out. You can also visit Wilder PR and click our Modavia kiosk to get a copy as well!

Your limo awaits:

For information about Modavia please visit:

Wilder PR Team

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's Happening at Wilder PR

Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc has had many exciting things happening over the last two weeks. First our client Morea Style has her annual Miss Morea Style Contest open right now for all who would love to participate. The winner will not only represent Morea Style for the 2011 year but will also receive a cash prize of $80,000L. Be sure to join the Morea Style group in-world and tp to her brand new sim for more information!
Sunday September 26th The Wilder Side of Business, our radio talkshow, was fortunate enough to have Modavia Fashion Marketing CEO Poptart Lilliehook as our special guest. We had a fabulous interview with her and if you have not heard it yet please visit the following link to check it out:
Also this past Thursday Annette Wilder was the guest on GRIDwrap. GRIDwrap is an amazing new Metaverse TV program that explores events and happenings in open sims and other virtual worlds. Dousa Dragonash (Metaverse TV COO) and Tessa Harrington (SpotOn! 3D COO) host the "twice-weekly show which interviews the latest movers and greatest shakers of over 3,000 grids forming into the 3DWeb. Each week you can listen to interviews with individuals and personalities, from around the virtual and real world, who are committed to pushing the Metaverse envelope."
We are very honored that Wilder PR was asked to be part of this episode on public relations within a virtual realm. Annette had a few Skype technical problems but overall the show turned out very well. To view the show please visit:
The next live broadcast for The Wilder Side of Business will air October 10th. Stay tuned to find out who our very special guest will be!
Lastly but certainly not least, we are opening WilderWeb for all your blog and website needs. Please continue to watch the blog we will post a press release when WilderWeb is officially open for business!Please remember that the Wilder PR Team will be on a one week vacation closed from October 17th-24th They will return on the 25th in-world to the office.

Wilder PR Team

Annette Wilder discussing Public Relations on Metaverse TV's GRIDwrap!

Annette's skype went in and out a few times but we're so honored that Wilder PR was invited to be part of the show! To get a better and full view please go to Metaverse TV to watch:

Team Wilder

Friday, October 1, 2010

Upcoming GRIDwrap episode live with special guest JanythKU Teschan!

Information provided by Gwemui Ghostraven of Metaverse TV:


The twice-weekly look at the latest movers and greatest shakers of over 3,000 grids forming into the 3DWeb! Listen to interviews with individuals and personalities from around the virtual and real world who are committed to pushing the Metaverse envelope :: Second Life®, SpotON3D, ReactionGrid, OSgrid

Thursday's Guest: JanythKU Teschan Instructional Design Technologist for Texas State Technical College. They are offering their first SL online degree - Digital Multimedia. JanythKU is co-teaching the Professional Development class in SL and loving every minute of it! Be sure to set your calendars and come on down for the live taping.

Date: Thursday 7th October Live on Metaverse Island

Time: 3pm slt

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Annette Wilder tomorrow's guest on GRIDWrap!

Tomorrow at 3pm SLT Wilder PR's very own Annette Wilder will be a guest on GRIDWrap. The topic will be Public Relations and getting the word out on the net about your business or event. GRIDWrap is an amazing new Metaverse TV program that explores events and happenings in open sims and other virtual worlds. Dousa Dragonash (Metaverse TV COO) and Tessa Harrington (SpotOn! 3D COO) host the "twice-weekly show which interviews the latest movers and greatest shakers of over 3,000 grids forming into the 3DWeb. Each week you can listen to interviews with individuals and personalities, from around the virtual and real world, who are committed to pushing the Metaverse envelope."

Here's your limo to attend the live show:

To learn more about Metaverse TV and view past episodes of GRIDWrap please visit:

Also to learn more about SpotOn! 3D check out their website:

For more information regarding Annette Wilder and Wilder PR please visit:

Team Wilder

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Want to win $80,000L and reign as the new Miss Morea Style 2011?

In order to win the $80,000L you must hurry up and send in your photos so that you can be entered into the contest before the November 25th deadline. ENTER NOW!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Walk Walk Fashion Baby

Poptart Lilliehook, CEO Modavia Fashion Marketing, Photo provided by Poptart

The Wilder Side of Business was honored to have Poptart Lilliehook, CEO of Modavia, as our amazing guest on this weeks broadcast ( She discussed everything from Modavia Fashion Marketing and what it takes to be part of the team to the highly successful Modavia Fashion Week 2010 which all fashionistas are still talking about long after the event is over. There were some wonderful questions sent in but 45 minutes went by so quickly that we were not able to get the questions asked live on air. Once again we appreciate all of our listeners and we apologize for time not permitting the questions live on air.

Poptart agreed to answer the questions and allow us to post them here on our blog for all of you eager listeners. We understand how busy she is and definitely thank her for her time!

Question/Answer Segment:

Jilly: I know alot of us lately have been saving our Lindens did the sluggish SL economy affect Fashion Week in anyway? Or do you feel the economy affects Modavia and projects you are currently involved in?

Poptart: Well yes and no. I think designers are being more careful with their marketing spend at the moment. But it seems large industry events like Modavia Fashion Week are still being prioritised. I believe the opportunity to showcase the best of SL couture design to the grid (and beyond..) is seen as a worthwhile investment by most designers. But you are right ... sales of high end couture have been hit by the current economic climate with some talented smaller designers being forced to re-evaluate their strategy or face closure. This is one of the reasons that Modavia makes an effort to support and to help to promote emerging designers through these kinds of events and subsidized advertising in the Modavia Fashion Directory. We will also be awarding rent free stores on MODAVIA II to selected designers in a new initiative which will be unveiled soon.

Monica: SL and RL aren't so far removed as they once were. Do you see Modavia working with RL designers in the future and if yes what capacity? Would you bring them into SL?

Poptart: Well the most obvious difference between the two worlds is that a totally different economic model is in place in the industry. In real life couture costs an arm and a leg... consumers buy carefully and place a much higher value on their purchases. In SL fashion is very affordable for almost everyone and this makes it disposable and leads to an insatiable appetite for the latest novelty. I feel rather sorry for designers here really – they put so much work into their creations and they’re “old” very quickly. Not true of all of course – there are those classic pieces that people will wear forever... those must have staples that we all have in our wardrobes.
The other main difference is of course the seasons... in RL fashion is always 6 months ahead to cater for the lead time that buyers require to get the right season’s clothing into the stores at the right time. But here we work on a different calendar.... So when we run our Fall Fashion Week in SL.. in reality the RL events are all showing Spring/Summer 2011. I think if I asked SL designers to design 6 months ahead they would not be too enthused..
Having said that, we already have several RL fashion designers in SL - a good example is Nyla Cheeky of House of Nyla - she releases her RL and SL collections together. Another example is Exclusiva (formerly VictoriaV). So RL/SL crossover does happen and I do expect to see more of it. Modavia has been approached by RL designers from time to time to guide their entry strategy into SL but nothing has, as yet, progressed beyond an exploratory stage.

Edwin: Modavia seems to focus alot on women will there ever be an all male event?

Poptart: Uh you are perfectly correct. I wish you weren't but you are. We are very focussed on female fashion and one of our priorities now is to grow the coverage of men's design more. It's harder work attracting the designers who cater for men it seems and we haven't quite cracked it yet. Fair comment.
So many fans of Modavia both new and old want to keep up with everything Modavia is doing. We asked Poptart to provide us with links that will keep all of you fashion lovers up to date on all things Modavia. Be sure to check them out! (the new Modavia blog with Kyrie Source)

Wilder Radio Social Segment with Anden Tolsen

Hey everyone, its Anden with the Wilder Radio Social Segment. Here are the events going on this week and next that you must add to your social calendar. Immediately following the show I will post all this information on the Wilder PR blog in case you didn't catch it all.

Virtual Wrestling Entertainment presents you the best Pro Wrestling action In Second Life. With over 70+ Wrestlers, 3 weekly Shows (Sunday,Wednesday, and Friday) and one Major Wrestling Event per month makes VWE the Preferred choice in Second Life Wrestling. They provide you the best wrestling shows in Second Life. You won't believe how good they are until you come to one of the shows and see for yourself. Events are broadcasted by

Fashion Freaks Hunt
Running from September 15 to October 15, Shush is your starting location for this grid-wide fashion hunt featuring some awesome goodies from over 70 Second Life designers.

Pool of Hope Charities presents the BCA2010 ART AUCTION. Held through Oct. 3, is curated by Senaspirit Coronet and all proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen For the Cure breast cancer awareness charity. The Director of this years event, Sennaspirit Coronet, has brought together a collection of one of a kind art, paintings, illustrations, sculptures, vehicles and many more items that you can add to your sim or private collection.

Anden Tolsen
Wilder PR Firm, Marketing Intern

Anden Tolsen
Wilder Public Relations Firm, Intern

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poptart Lilliehook CEO of Modavia Fashion Marketing special guest on The Wilder Side of Business!

Tune in Sunday September 26th at 8am SLT as The Wilder Side of Business interviews our very special guest Poptart Lilliehook. Poptart is the CEO and Owner of Modavia Fashion Marketing, she will discuss the fabulous Modavia Fashion Week that all you fashionistas love to attend each year. If you have any questions for Poptart that you would like asked live on air send them to . The show is only 45 minutes long but if time allows we will defintely get a few questions in there from the listeners! All of you fashion lovers be sure to tune you don't want to miss this one!

Click here to visit Modavia Fashion Marketing:

Click here to visit our page on Blogtalk Radio:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Want to win $80,000L and reign as the new Miss Morea Style 2011?

Miss Morea Style 2011 starts September 18th. The new winner will replace last year's lovely winner Marry Eel who reigned as Miss Morea Style 2010. Below are the dates and the rules for those interested in participating this year!

** DATES **

- Beginning of the contest: September 18th 2010 (you may start entering now)
- Last day to enter: November 25th 2010
- Announcement of the 10 finalists: December 4th 2010
- Finale and unveiling of the winner: December 11th 2010 2PM SLT

For more information please join the MOREA STYLE DESIGN group.

**** Rules of the Miss Morea Style 2011 Contest:

To join in the contest you need to follow the rules listed below:

1. You should not be another fashion label's icon (to avoid conflicts between designers and your responibilities)

2. Respect the contract with Morea Style for a year, knowing that:

**** Winner's contract terms ****

a) If you are chosen to be Miss Morea Style, you will not be able to apply to another designer's contest to be its icon during the year following your election (to avoid your refusal to participate to events, fashion shows or photo shootings for Morea Style)

b) If you are chosen you should do your best to represent the designer and wear your tag only if you are wearing a Morea Style outfit.

c) If you are chosen to be Miss Morea Style 2011,each month you will receive the new outfits during your one year reign as Miss Morea Style, you will do fashion shows, events, photo shoots for the new outfits or for SL magazines.

d) In case of conflicts with Morea or if you do not respect the terms of this contract, you will immediatly be removed from the position of Miss Morea Style and replaced by the 1st runner-up.

3. You MUST wear Morea Style's outfits on your pictures and no freebies (free outfits or gifts will not be allowed), your pictures should be at 512x512 and full perms, if it is not your application will be refused.

4. If you agree with the contract terms, please send your application to Clarisse Moyer ONLY!!!! So we can judge your style and beauty of your avatar to represent our label.

Please send your 3 pictures 512x512 Full Perms in a FILE renamed such as: MISS MOREA STYLE 2011 (your name)

Each picture must also be renamed with you name.
- 1 portrait
- 1 Full body with an evening dress
- 1 Full body with a day time outfit





Miss Morea Style 2011:
80.000 L$
5.000 L$ of Morea Style outfits
A Virtual Impressions Tiara
And other gifts from our various partners

The 4 Runners-up:
5.000 L$ + 2.000 L$ of Morea Style outfits
Jewelry from LARSSON Jewelry and other gifts from our partners.


Morea Decosta from MOREA STYLE, Staxx Hird from TECH STX, Edo Tone from STYLES OF EDO, Chrissy Ambrose from VIRTUAL IMPRESSION and Niki Larsson from LARSSON JEWELRY

*** For more information please contact Clarisse Moyer, manager Morea Style


STX tech
Styles of edo
Virtual impression
Metaverse tv :


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Morea Style Sim Grand Opening Celebration




PR Contact: Ansleigh Beverly, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. for MOREA STYLE

Re: MOREA STYLE Sim Opening, Fall-Winter Fashion Show, and Miss MOREA STYLE Contest

Morea Decosta of MOREA STYLE proudly invites you to the grand opening of her new main store and sim today Saturday, September 18, 2010.
Known across the grid for both her stunning formal and casual looks, this latest venture serves only to further establish Morea as one of Second Life’s top designers. Thriving under the tutelage of edo Tone, she has developed her skills and turned her brand into a huge success, and, with the opening of her own sim, now takes that success one step further.
Morea has planned several special events to celebrate this auspicious occasion. First, there is the grand opening of the sim at 12:00 Noon SLT on the September 18. All residents are invited to view the sim, Morea’s main store, and additional shops. There will be a special gift available for visitors throughout the day to commemorate the opening.

Next, Morea will debut her fall-winter 2010 collection with a fashion show at 1:00 PM SLT. Attendees are encouraged to arrive thirty minutes early to take their seats for the show. Morea will be showing her fresh new designs for the fall and winter seasons, exhibiting the talent that has made this label so great. Join us to see her fabulous new collection and what MOREA STYLE is all about.

Finally, at 3:00 PM SLT, following the fashion show, will be the announcement of this year’s Miss MOREA STYLE Contest. After the fabulous success of last year’s competition, Morea is taking 2010 to the next level. This year’s winner will receive a contract with MOREA STYLE for the 2011 year and a fabulous cash prize of $L80, 000. Four runners up will receive a $L5,000 cash prize as well as additional gifts. Full details and rules for the contest will be made available during the opening on the 18th.

We hope you’ll join us for these great events and celebration!

For more information regarding MOREA STYLE, please contact Clarisse Moyer, Manager, Events Coordinator, and Customoer Service Representative for MOREA STYLE. Media wanting to interview or setup appointment with Morea please contact Ansleigh Beverly,Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. ™ Manager.

Date: Saturday, September 18, 2010
Time: 12:00 noon, opening; 1:00 PM, fashion show; 3:00 PM, contest announcement

Media may also contact Wilder PR by e-mail:

To learn more about Wilder PR visit our website: