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Monday, October 11, 2010

Phaylen Fairchild Answers Your Questions from The Wilder Side of Business

(Image property of Phaylen Fairchild)

This week on The Wilder Side of Business talk radioshow we had Phaylen Fairchild as our guest. Time did not permit for us to get to all the questions asked from our listeners and the wonderful Phaylen agreed to answer your remaining three questions so we could post them for you all to see. Thank you so much for your time and being a guest Phaylen, it was our pleasure!

Diego asked: What is the most rewarding thing about creating movies in a virtual environment?

Phaylen's reply to Diego: The most rewarding thing is most certainly the satisfaction one gets after completing a project. I'm sure this is the case in any field; for writers it's that satisfaction when finishing a book. For someone who likes to knit, it's that moment you complete that final stitch and spread it out to take it all in. From the moment you take that first shot, everything you do afterward is in pursuit of the completion. It's amazing to watch something come together, and that feeling you get in the afterglow is quite addictive!

Whimsey asked: Granny panties or thongs? (lol that one cracked me up)

Phaylen's answer to Whimsey: I'm all about forging my own path instead of following ones already made. In an effort to restore long lost trends, I'm all about the Care Bear Under-Roos.

Evangeline asked: What are the titles of the movies you worked on besides Divas?
Phaylen's response to Evangeline: I created and produced the Second Life Reality Series "I Wanna Be A Celebrity"
I created the official Burning Life 2008 promotional teaser for Linden Lab
I was the voice of the main character in Toxic Menges film "Little Red Riding Hood" which was a reimaging of the classic tale.
I was the voice of Mistress X in the sci-fi Machinima series "the Hunter"
I did the now rather archaic film "Welcome to Your Second Life"
I did the Old Spice Spoof "I'm on a Yak" commercial
I created the Moxie Polano featurette of the Woman in The Water
The film trailer for the online game Angels & Demons
I'm working on a short film called The End Of The World based on my short story.

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