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Friday, October 1, 2010

Upcoming GRIDwrap episode live with special guest JanythKU Teschan!

Information provided by Gwemui Ghostraven of Metaverse TV:


The twice-weekly look at the latest movers and greatest shakers of over 3,000 grids forming into the 3DWeb! Listen to interviews with individuals and personalities from around the virtual and real world who are committed to pushing the Metaverse envelope :: Second Life®, SpotON3D, ReactionGrid, OSgrid

Thursday's Guest: JanythKU Teschan Instructional Design Technologist for Texas State Technical College. They are offering their first SL online degree - Digital Multimedia. JanythKU is co-teaching the Professional Development class in SL and loving every minute of it! Be sure to set your calendars and come on down for the live taping.

Date: Thursday 7th October Live on Metaverse Island

Time: 3pm slt