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Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's Happening at Wilder PR

Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc has had many exciting things happening over the last two weeks. First our client Morea Style has her annual Miss Morea Style Contest open right now for all who would love to participate. The winner will not only represent Morea Style for the 2011 year but will also receive a cash prize of $80,000L. Be sure to join the Morea Style group in-world and tp to her brand new sim for more information!
Sunday September 26th The Wilder Side of Business, our radio talkshow, was fortunate enough to have Modavia Fashion Marketing CEO Poptart Lilliehook as our special guest. We had a fabulous interview with her and if you have not heard it yet please visit the following link to check it out:
Also this past Thursday Annette Wilder was the guest on GRIDwrap. GRIDwrap is an amazing new Metaverse TV program that explores events and happenings in open sims and other virtual worlds. Dousa Dragonash (Metaverse TV COO) and Tessa Harrington (SpotOn! 3D COO) host the "twice-weekly show which interviews the latest movers and greatest shakers of over 3,000 grids forming into the 3DWeb. Each week you can listen to interviews with individuals and personalities, from around the virtual and real world, who are committed to pushing the Metaverse envelope."
We are very honored that Wilder PR was asked to be part of this episode on public relations within a virtual realm. Annette had a few Skype technical problems but overall the show turned out very well. To view the show please visit:
The next live broadcast for The Wilder Side of Business will air October 10th. Stay tuned to find out who our very special guest will be!
Lastly but certainly not least, we are opening WilderWeb for all your blog and website needs. Please continue to watch the blog we will post a press release when WilderWeb is officially open for business!Please remember that the Wilder PR Team will be on a one week vacation closed from October 17th-24th They will return on the 25th in-world to the office.

Wilder PR Team