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Sunday, August 10, 2008

inV Party Tonight!

Ammon Pera, Editor and Chief of inV Magazine
Photo by Jade Collins - Faith Photography

Ammon Pera and the staff of inV Magazine are having their grand closing party of the inV Centerfold Contest. Its going to be a blastful 2 hours party event.

It will begin at 10PM SLT and will be partying till 12midnight SLT.

Be sure to come in and join them and see who walks away with L$125,000!!!!

Also, don't forget to bring your friends, it is sure to be a good time!

inV Glow Party was their previous party event, to remind you of how this party is going to be...tonight you could be missing "The party" of the night!

Hope to see you all there rocking the house!

Mahala Bing, PR Exec, Wilder PR Inc.

For further information please contact Ammon Pera in-world.