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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday Night Talkshow with Wurlitzer Seisenbacher

Annette Wilder and Wurlitzer Seisenbacher

Wow I am thrilled to say being a guest on "Friday Night Talkshow with Wurlitzer Seisenbacher" was an awesome experience. Wurlitzer Seisenbacher is an excellent host and the show was so much fun.

Looking out into the audience and seeing great friends such as Rusch Raymaker (CEO of Avenue Models), Ludwig Prinz (esteemed photographer and owner of Prinz Studios), Sigmund Leominster (well known freelance writer for various publications), Mahala Bing (my wonderful admin asst), Toko Voom and Nyla Rossini (CEO's of Vain Inc Magazine), Nalysia Bellah (Head Mafia Lady of the Lesbian Mafia who does wonderful fundraisers for rl charities), and last but not least Lanai Jarrico (CEO of SL Enquirer and sponsor of the talkshow) was a wonderful feeling.

Aside from all the people that I named there was a great audience there and I want to thank everyone who came out to show support for the show. It was really an experience that I feel so honored to have been part of.

The show was an hour long and I was the only guest and Wurlitzer really asked some great interview questions. I want to thank him for extending the offer for me to be part of this historical show in the making. Be sure to contact him in order to join his in-world group and keep up with who will be appearing next! This show is definitely one to watch.

Annette Wilder (CEO, Wilder PR)

Annette W. (CEO Wilder PR)

Pics on this post are by Mahala Bing