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Thursday, August 21, 2008


The ARTist's Park

21 August 2008

PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Inc. for The ARTist's Park

Re: Grand Reopening of ARTist's Park

You are invited to the Grand Reopening of The ARTist's Park, August 23rd from 2-5pm slt. The ARTist's Park is a non-profit entity dedicated to the art of digital photography. The doors were originally opened to the public December 16, 2007. Now, The ARTist's Park is back better than ever and will be having a Grand Reopening that any digital art connoisseur will not want to miss. The new and improved open environment has scenery that is not only visually appealing but will be an inspiration for photographers who love to photograph in beautiful locations. The creative ambiance sets a tone that will encourage digital artists of all skill levels to gather at The ARTist's Park to share, grow, and develop their skills. The purpose of The ARTist's Park is to become an inviting atmosphere to all who love digital photography and even the musical arts.

Aside from the beautiful surroundings, which will be used by eager photographers to capture gorgeous scenic pictures, there is also a fully functional photography studio and an amphitheatre for live performances. The studio is complete with his/her pose stands and multi-color changing backgrounds. The ready made dream studio includes a Photosphere and will soon also have photography sets. There are Display Boards designed to allow visiting artists to display their photography in the gallery compound as well as in the park. These boards will benefit any artist who wants to show his/her work off and possibly help them get feedback as well from more skilled artists or help less skilled artist see the possibilities of photography in SL. The sharing concept is a huge part of the park and will definitely aid photographers in enhancing their skills. The amphitheatre will be used to bring in musical talents throughout SL. The ARTist's Park will be a combination of visually appealing art and musical art that will be a treat for the ears. A visitors sense of hearing and seeing will be immersed within such a creative and stunning surrounding that The ARTist's Park is sure to fast become a "must see" area in SL.

The exclusive gallery build was built by Corbett Howard and it will house only ORIGINAL art from artists across the grid. The gallery has an exclusive artist showing each month providing diversity and originality in the art community. The ARTist's Park is for all artists, and will give new artists the opportunity to showcase their works for all to see. The man behind The ARTist's Park is Wyatt Benoir. Wyatt is the Editor and Chief of the newest sensation to hit SL, the magazine called The Artisan. Wyatt is not only a lover of the arts he is also an artist as well. He will be appearing as a guest, Friday August 22 at 9:30pm slt, on the Friday Night Talkshow with Wurlizer Seisenbacher. This will be an entire hour long interview on voice so be sure to show up and show your support for Wyatt as he speaks in more detail about The ARTist's Park and his magazine The Artisan. The future of digital photography will be captured at The ARTist's Park come be part of history in the making.

For more information regarding The ARTist's Park, please contact Wyatt Benoir or Emerald Eberhart. Media wanting a tour of the location or an interview can contact Wyatt Benoir directly to setup an appointment.

To contact Wyatt Benoir by e-mail:

To learn more about the park go to blog: