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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tammy's Jazz Cafe & Rock Island Grand Opening!!

Tammy's Jazz Cafe & Rock Island

20 August 2008

PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Inc. for Tammy's Jazz Cafe & Rock Island

Re: Grand Opening of Tammy's Jazz Cafe & Rock Island

Come join us for two of the hottest grand openings in the month of August. August 30th and 31st will be the launch of the much anticipated grand openings of Tammy's Jazz Cafe and Rock Island. These two beautiful locations will be more than just something appealing to the eyes they will also be a treat for the ears as the live musicians hold the audience captive with some of their top hit tunes that they are known for in SL. Featured at these openings will be some of the most well known musical talents in SL. These are definitely two grand openings that are considered "must see events" for the month of August. The all star lineup of talent begins with jazz musicians: Paisley Beebe and CTM Underwood on Saturday at Tammy's Jazz Cafe. Then on Sunday the 31st awesome artists at Rock Island include: ROCKROSE, KevinMThomas Carpool, Maximillion Kleene and last but certainly not least Noma Falta. Acts such as these are not often found in one location and that makes these two nights something you do not want to miss!

Tammy's Jazz Cafe is an elegant and romantic jazz club set in an intimate tropical outdoor setting. The atmosphere consists of live music, dj's, and the smooth sounds of jazz. Tammy's Jazz Cafe will be a wonderful location to bring a date, with the beautiful jazz tunes filling the air it will set the scene for a night of romance. Ladies this is the time to pull out some of your gorgeous ballroom gowns or classy cocktail dresses, throw your hair in a bun, get your man in a tux, and come on down to enjoy the feel of elegance at Tammy's Jazz Cafe. Rock Island on the other hand is a place you come to let loose. There is live music, Dj's, and a great music stream. Rock Island is all set to become the best rock club to hit SL and with the talented stars that will grace the stage it is already well on its way to becoming what it has set out to become. Let your hair down throw on your jeans and get ready to rock out with us at Rock Island!

The creative geniuses of both Tammy's Jazz Cafe and Rock Island are Tammy Toll and T0ny Mantel both of whom are no strangers to hard work and knowing what it takes to run successful businesses. The beautiful Tammy Toll is not only the Co-owner of these two locations but she is also Co-owner of Shoutcast Streams by T0ny Mantel, Vice President of Musicland Isle, and owner of Gardens of Eden. T0ny Mantel is the Co-owner of Tammy's Jazz Cafe and Rock Island and he is also the owner of Shoutcast Streams and Mantel Men's Fashions. Together they make the dynamic duo who brings you these two diverse clubs for these phenomenal musical talents. Be sure to bring your friends and come out to support the only two locations that can bring you so much talent you won't believe your ears!

For general questions regarding Tammy's Jazz Cafe or Rock Island please contact Tammy Toll or T0ny Mantel. Any press or media coverage that would like an interview or more information regarding either of the venues can contact Tammy Toll or T0ny Mantel inworld.

Tammy's Jazz Cafe Grand Opening Information:
Date : August 30th (Saturday)
Time : 5pm SLT --CTM Underwood
6pm SLT--Paisley Beebe

Rock Island Grand Opening Information:
Date : August 31st (Sunday)
Time : 12pm SLT--ROCKROSE
6pm SLT--KevinMThomas Carpool
7pm SLT--Maximillion Kleene
8pm SLT--Noma Falta