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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


As stated in our previous bloggings Wilder PR has new clients coming, so be on the look out. We are in talks with an SL artist, an SL skin maker, a possible RL company collaboration, and we have some new fashion shows coming up with AVENUE Models along with the making of their new magazine and tv show. On top of those we still have our steady flow of present clientele who are still asking for our services such as our wonderful client KOINUP, who has something new that we will introduce to the grid soon. Things are just looking up more each day. To see what our clients think of us check out our Testimonials that have been added to the front page. We will be placing new ones up soon as well and wanted to just take this time out to remind you that the journey for Wilder PR is far from over, actually it has just begun.

Though our team is small it gets the job done and I wanted to take this time to thank Mahala Bing who just continues to show her tenacity and the fact that she really does have the spirit of a lion. I was evacuated from my home in Texas due to Hurricane Gustav and in my abscence Mahala took care of two grand openings and a fashion show graduation. When I got back to SL there were so many compliments of the wonderful job she had done and they reminded me of something I already knew, I'm lucky to have her. Thank you Mahala for all your hard work and your dedication.

As Wilder continues to change and grow our dedication to our clients will be something that never changes. For those loyal clients and media who continue to take this journey with us get your helmets out it's about to be one of the most fun and bumpy rides you've ever experienced but I do promise you, no regrets. The future is really bright, make sure you wear your shades.

Annette Wilder, CEO, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.