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Friday, September 5, 2008





PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. for KOINUP

Re: KOINUP Kiosks New to the Grid/And new to KOINUP The Best Places category

Previously Wilder Public Relations updated the SL public about KOINUP and how it wants to expand its prescence in Second Life. In order to help do that KOINUP has decided to have kiosks built and placed strategically on sl sims that have a high traffic count which will help drive new members to visit the KOINUP site. Wyatt Benoir, owner of The ARTist Park and The Artisan Magazine, is the builder of the beautiful kiosks that will soon be seen in various locations around the grid. The KOINUP site has also introduced its latest venture which is called Best Places. Best Places allows members to take pictures of their favorite locations in SL and to add that to a list of Best Places in KOINUP. Now you can share with fellow KOINUP members areas in SL you believe to be some of the most beautiful sims or interesting locations in SL.

KOINUP is quickly becoming the preferred site to display your Second Life. It combines social networking, photography, machinima display, weekly events and contests for all virtual world platforms to participate in. KOINUP is still strictly for virtual worlds only, which is what continues to set it apart from other social networking sites. KOINUP is very user friendly and now anyone who is interested will be able to see a kiosk in-world and click it to go directly to the website. If you have not joined or checked out KOINUP what are you waiting for? If you love photography, KOINUP is for you. If you love beautiful locations, KOINUP is for you. If you love making new friends in a pleasant community, KOINUP is for you. If you love machinima, KOINUP is for you. KOINUP is a diverse virtual community in which you can share commonalities with fellow members. KOINUP has something for everyone and is free and open to all who would love to have the experience of a lifetime. Come join KOINUP and "Share your 2nd life" it is definitely the wave of the future for virtual worlds.

If you are a sim owner and would like to have a KOINUP kiosk placed on your sim please contact Koinup Burt and Annette Wilder. For more information regarding KOINUP, please contact Koinup Burt (Editor for Koinup) or Annette Wilder (CEO of Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc). Media wanting an interview regarding KOINUP can contact Koinup Burt directly to setup an appointment.

To contact Koinup Burt by e-mail: Be sure to say "Regarding Koinup Press Release" in the subject line.

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To contact Wilder PR by email: