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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tammy's Jazz Cafe & Rock Island Recap!

Officially Open TAMMY'S JAZZ CAFE (click to enlarge)

Wilder is proud to announce that Tammy's Jazz Cafe is NOW OPEN! It was an honor to be part of such an elegant and romantic Grand Opening. Thank you to all who came and joined us for the lovely evening. Seeing familiar faces like Wilder's wonderful friend Lanai Jarrico (CEO of SLenquirer), Wurlitzer Seisenbacher (host of Friday Night Talkshow with Wurlitzer Seisenbacher), and Sigmund Leominster, (a wonderful freelance writer for various SL publications) really brought this particular event to life. The evening was filled with excitment as Tammy Toll and T0ny Mantel watched their vision come to life. They were very pleased with the outcome and Wilder was pleased to have had a part in such a wonderful turn out for the opening.

The event was opened with an awesome performance by CTM Underwood. He has this lovely melodious voice that captured the attention of everyone in the room making them all sing along with him and helping lover's to fall in love all over again. People were dancing and enjoying all the tunes being played that night. Paisley Beebe, host of SLCN Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe Show, also a sensational jazz singer in SL, put on a wonderful show in her hour long performance.
Thank you all as always for all the support in making this opening event such a huge success.

Officially Open ROCK ISLAND (click to enlarge)

Sunday's opening event for ROCK ISLAND was just as awesome as Tammy's Jazz Cafe opening. The opening act was the amazing ROCKROSE Band which was followed by Kevin M. Thomas and Maximillion Kleene and of course last but not the least Noma Falta closed the opening with some very soulful blues tunes. The crowd went wild and enjoyed all the musical talent that appeared on the stage. Both ROCK ISLAND and Tammy's appear to be the new hangouts for the local SL artists to come and show off their vocal talents.

We want to say on behalf of the owners thank you all for coming and helping us ROCK the night away!

Coverage for the openings of Tammy's Jazz Cafe' and Rock Island can be found at the various publications/blogs:

Mahala Bing, PR Exec, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.