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Sunday, July 29, 2012

SweetLilly Pinelli Live!

        (Photo provided by SweetLilly-click image for larger view)

I was fortunate enough to drop into Woodfords today and listen to a wonderful musician named SweetLilly Pinelli. The talent she possessed was amazing and her voice is so smooth and beautiful. Simply put she blew me away, with her vocal range and how easy she made it all sound. SweetLilly is also a very accomplished guitar player and she put the entire audience in a trance with her soothing vocals. In SL you meet many people who dream of singing and use SL to live out their dreams, but one thing I'm sure of is SweetLilly can make her dreams come true outside of SL because she is just that good! The audience was mesmerized and wanted more than even her time slot allowed. A talent like SweetLilly does not come around that often so if you are blessed to attend one of her shows go. Let her melodious angelic voice take you on a journey as she croons and reminds you what live music should sound like.  Join SweetLilly Live to keep up with her upcoming performances in SL. I'll see you there!

For bookings please contact her manager:
Lingual Markus

For more information on SweetLilly please check out her facebook page at:

Check out SweetLilly's youtube page here:

Annette Wilder,
CEO-Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.