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Thursday, July 5, 2012

OMG Diktator Horseshoe Sandals!

 (Photo provided by Usermane, Owner of diktator Shoes)

I must say I purchased these new heels in-world yesterday in all 21 brilliant colors. The name of them is Dare and right now I dare you to go out and treat yourself to these shoes, because they are surely just that a treat for your feet. This shoe is amazing! It is so easy to match with my LAQ skin. I've never found a shoe where I could match up my skintone in less than 10 minutes. Easy skintone match is just one of the reasons I will be a repeated customer. I look forward to whatever type of shoes Usermane puts out. The wow factor of these shoes have got me hooked. I've gone to several locations in SL and have been stopped by strangers who want to know where I got my shoes from. If you have not been there the slurl is listed below. Definitely go check out diktator Originals by Usermane, I promise you will not regret how great they make your legs look!