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Saturday, January 23, 2010

AZUL...the place to be today

(click photo for larger view)

If you are looking for the sale to be at today AZUL is definitely where you want to be. Below is a list of the items that are part of the 50% off 2 DAY THANK YOU SALE:

[formal & cocktail]
Farfalla emerald
Maggie Mint
Melinda Red
Isis Premiere Br
Mosaic Purple
Swalinda OLIVE
Solea AQ
-AZUL- Dietrich Turquoise
-AZUL- Aida PK
-azul- Siren BL
-azul- Sharon PP
-azul- Milonga Plain AMETHYST
-azul- Milonga TANZANITE
-AZUL- Milonga 3333rd ANV -BuenosAires
-AZUL- Agy/Gold
-AZUL- Sora / Sardonyx
-AZUL- ArwenMelanie/Turquoise
-AZUL- Ingrid Jaune
-AZUL- Linda -Emerald
-AZUL- Romani/Lavender
-AZUL- AidaSpice Brown
-azul- Mojito SV
-azul- Coppelia TQ
-azul- Grace PK
-AZUL- Athena Emerald
-AZUL- Isabella Gold
-AZUL- Camellia Green
-azul- Fiore OL
-azul- Fiore Nero BL
-AZUL- FioreSegreto-Purple
-azul- eWe PP
-azul- Samantha BK
-azul- JS green
-azul- Garbo PK
-AZUL- IsabellaPremiere Gold
-AZUL- Malena -Pink
-azul- Mia OR
-azul- Mojito Royal GR
-AZUL- Risky Blue
-AZUL- Giselle Purple
-AZUL- Josephine Leger AQ
-azul- Josephine RD
-azul- Nicole LV
-azul- Hepburn AQ

-azul- Monroe PK
-azul-Rihanna PK
-AZUL- Hallie GD
-AZUL- Annie BK
-AZUL- Vamp LV
-azul- Vamp long RD
-azul- Vivace BL
-azul- Andante BL
-azul- Largo BR