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Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am taking a minute to post about Royal Properties, my experience of living here has been one of the most pleasurable parts of my Second Life. I've had friends visit my home in SL and ask me how long I've been an owner of land at Royal Properties. Well I've lived there over a year in SL which in SL time feels like three years. What sets Royal Properties apart from other places I lived before is the awesome owner Relic Starbrook. Relic is honest, friendly, and so helpful you would think he's too good to be true. He has a great heart and really wants his residents happy and will work with you on the size of the land and amount of prims that will fit any budget. He will build your land exactly to your requirements and there is no land size too big or too small for him to accompany. If you are looking for beautiful 5 class sims, with no lag, and gorgeous views look no further Royal Properties awaits you. Why not live where you know you deserve to live? Call Relic he's waiting for YOU!

Below is some information on Royal Properties in Relic's own words:

I am excited to offer to you and your friends the possibility of FREE ownership of property in Second Life!
We have a passion for seeing others enjoy ownership as we do. We are in Second Life for the long haul.

LAND PRICE IS FREE OWNERSHIP + First months' tierfee pre-paid....all you pay is tier.

With a below-market tierfee, affordable luxury is found here with us.

Own your own tropical mini-island, surrounded by water, or forestland surrounded by mountain ranges, or build a castle in Royal Kingdoms, our Castle/Gorean residential lands.
1) NO adjacent neighbors. EVER (Tropical and Cascade theme only)
2) NO premium SL membership required!
3) low monthy tierfee rate of 3.50usd(987L) per 117prims. (homestead regions are 4.15usd/117prims/month)
4) RESELLABELE for your own 100% profit, or simply give 'notice' and we resell it and then give you a refund of unused tierdays.

check out our web site at


1) Royal Properties's focus is PRIVACY yet with OPENNESS of the airways
(with NO ADJACENT NEIGHBORS EVER) and with 42% of every region as WATER or MOUNTAINLAND (Tropical & Cascade regions only)

2) Royal Properties' regions offer BONUS PRIMS! (175% the normal amount of prims per m2) The Bonus prims create our unbuilable waterways/forestlands that are protected and create the luxury of being surrounded by water/mountainranges on your own piece of land. (Tropicals and Cacscade regions only)

3) Also, with most land there is a "large purchase cost". However, we want to make a mini-island available to you as FREE LAND! (below-market monthly tierfee is 3.50 usd/117prims for the new regions) (homestead regions are 4.15usd/117prims/month)

4) Also, if you develop your land, we'll give you the opportunity to RESELL your land for a 100% PROFIT OF YOUR OWN. At the end of your stay, whenever that may be, we give you two options, one...sell it yourself, or two...give us notice and we'll sell it. Either way, we give you back your 'unused tierfee'...yes...that's right...we'll REFUND your tier after it resells (check the fine print of most regions and that doesn't happen most places I know)

5) Oh yeah...almost forgot the classic property ad gibberish, "....class 5 servers...24/7 monitoring available....yadayadyada."
(did we mention we dust them regularly?)

1) We're creating regions FOR FUN, this is not 'a get rich quick' scheme like some private sims (however we do think that sim owners have the right to charge whatever they want (the 'going rate' is heading to 45usd for a 4096m2 936prim parcel by many....but we're not 'them') we've seen some great sims out there! and ones that have excellent 'rent-2-own' plans...but...when we do their math...we beat their rates.
2) We cooperate more like a co-op, all sharing the tierfee of the region, and because of 100% usage, we result in overall low tierfees.

1) I was speechless the other day...when some 'goof-ball' said....'you must be a scam cause it's too good to be true'..... I couldn't believe the insult that was being thrown around by this'goober'... who I was about to sell land to. (bad experience..I'll stop 'venting'...)
2)That said...please please please....CHECK ME OUT....GET REFERENCES....from anyone of the 162 current owners.
3) I'm a member of the Honorable Land Dealers Association.
4) Royal Tropicals is our home too, and we have a passion to enjoy it fully and a passion to help others enjoy as well.
5) No question is unreasonable....ask us if we haven't been clear of our vision and what we're all about.

Relic Starbrook

Well guys now that you have read this what are you waiting for? Login and go check out Royal Properties at:

Oh and be sure to tell Relic, Annette sent you!

Annette Wilder, Owner, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.™/Owner of MAHALA WEBDESiGNS™