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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Build, New Logos, New Ads, New Clients, New Possible Hires...what a week!

Hello all, as many of you know Wilder PR has a beautiful new building designed and built by none other than the very beautiful Velouria Infinity of Coruscus Design. Velouria is very talented and one of the quickest builders I have been blessed to know. She built our building in less than two weeks and it is simply gorgeous. We can't thank you enough Velouria for all your hard work. To learn more about Coruscus Design please visit:

To visit Coruscus Design inworld please teleport to:

Coming soon we'll have pictures up of the new office but for those of you who cannot wait feel free to visit us inworld at:

The exciting news just keeps on going with our awesome new Wilder logo, Wilder ad, MAHALA WEBDESiGNS™ ad, and our new company photos which are all done by the genius known as Cherie Parker (picture at top of page) Owner of Exclusive Studios. Cherie Parker is one of the most talented photographers in SL and to put it mildly it is an honor to be photographed by her. Cherie has done work for magazines, models, agencies, and has too many clients to count. She has made quite a name for herself in the world of photography. Getting an appointment with her was definitely a blessing to us. I have attached her work to the post for you all to review. If viewing beautiful photos is something you enjoy please visit her wonderful Flickr page at:

This has been a great two weeks as we have prepared for our revamping and relaunching. We've been approached by some awesome new clients and 2009 promises to be an exciting year. We are launching MAHALA WEBDESiGNS officially now and working with Mahala and watching her do her magic with websites has been an eye opener for me. I'm so lucky to be working with one of SL's best kept secrets. We have also began our interviews on the search for our Office Assistant so if you applied we might be contacting you soon. Good luck to all the applicants and thanks for your interest in working with Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.™

Annette Wilder, Owner, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.™/ MAHALA WEBDESiGNS™