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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wilder Radio Social Segment with Anden Tolsen

Today,August 29th, is the official Plurk party from 3-6pm SLT hosted at Boystown featuring DJ Bren Betts. Join all your plurk friends in world and sport your best glee inspired outfits. This event is sponsored by some of my personal faves such as KMADD and Zoobong, just to name a few.

MODA Fashion Spotlight
This fast-paced half hour runway event features a new designer every week. Some of the biggest names in virtual fashion design have appeared, including Dollyrock, SHIKI Designs, House Of Beningborough and Bliss Couture.
Hosts Harlee Lane and Nyte Vargas provide entertaining and insightful commentary as the outfits are presented on the catwalk.

The show is produced by MODA Productions, headed by Jujudoll Dancer. Jujudoll runs a modeling school called MODA Modeling School who consistently produce some of the best and hardest working models in Second Life.
Tune in and let the Spotlight models dazzle you!

When: Monday,08/30/10, 7:30PM SLT

Where: MODA Fashion Spotlight, Burbank Place (30, 169, 25)

On September 3rd from 7-9pm SLT, FIERCE Nightclub presents The Kylie Goes FIERCE Event. One night of hits with the pop princess kylie minogue in true FIERCE style.

On September 5, 2010 the Emerald Developers Fractured Crystal and Arabella Steadman and musician Keiko Takamura will be on Tonight Live TV with Paisley Beebe! Seating starts at 530pm SLT and show records live at 6pm SLT
Anden Tolsen
Wilder Public Relations Firm, Intern