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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wilder Radio Social Segment with Anden Tolsen

Welcome to the Wilder Radio Social Segment with Anden Tolsen, where I highlight note worthy events for your social calendar.


This past weekend, I attended the Victim Show with my best friends and we all had a blast.

The ‘Victim’ show is a production of Epoque created to present its new clothing collection in a unique environment. The show runs about an hour long and features the music of Lady Gaga. It is a full on concert experience with performers wearing pieces from the collection.

I have never seen anything like this in Second Life before and encourage everyone to check it out. You can find the Victim trailer on by searching Victim.


Tickets are available only on Xstreet, with a limit of 30 tickets per show, at L$325. Victim will only be running for another 2 weekends, so get your tickets soon!



Today is the last day of The 6th Annual Second Life Community Convention which is taking place simultaneously in Boston, MA and in the virtual world of Second Life! Visit the SLCC sims to meet other residents and share in the convention. To see the list of scheduled events visit the SLCC website at



Be sure to check out FIERCE Nightclub this weekend as DJ Bren Betts and DJ Fireboy get you pumped up for the weekend. For a list of events and times check out our Facebook at


Anden Tolsen
Wilder Public Relations Firm, Marketing Intern