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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Operation Squeegee: Help make a difference!

Operation Squeegee

30 JUNE 2010

For Immediate Release

PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. for Operation Squeegee

Re: Operation Squeegee - Second Life Fundraiser for the National Wildlife Federation

Join us July 1st - July 15th to help raise money for the National Wildlife Federation. The BP oil spill catastrophe affects us all. Each day thousands of animals are losing their lives and their ocean homes are destroyed. The natural environment has taken a huge hit as a result of this oil spill. The consequential damages will be seen for years to come, there is no way of measuring the extent of the wildlife that could possibly be lost forever. The detrimental affects to the circle of life are unforeseeable. Animals and plants are not the only ones affected by this disaster. This economic disaster affects mankind in various ways. People who work in the seafood industry are losing their jobs not to mention the health risks that will eventually come from people eating contaminated food from the oceans. Fisherman who strive to keep their jobs would have to relocate which is not an option for most people. Not many can pack up and move their entire family therefore the unemployment rate will increase. The devastation of this spill goes beyond the ocean and the people who live near the contaminated areas. This spill affects us all and Operation Squeegee is a way we can join forces and stand together to help Mother Earth. The sole purpose of Operation Squeegee is to raise funds and awareness for the National Wildlife Federation.

Tidal Shoreland decided to get involved and created Operation Squeegee as a way to inspire us all to help make a difference. Turning back the hands of time is not an option but with Your help
we can go forward together to generate positive change!

**Events Programme (For event schedule changes and additional information visit:

Thursday, July 1st
6:00PM SLT :: Open Mic Night - Main Stage
8:00PM SLT :: Low Key Mingle & Dancing - Main Stage
Friday, July 2nd
9:00PM SLT :: Surrealist Games & Poptronica W/ M.Dragovar - Main Stage

Saturday, July 3rd
9:00AM SLT :: Darn Darwin Spins @ The Velvent - The Velvet
10:00AM SLT :: Paradox Messmer spins @ The Velvet - The Velvet
11:00AM SLT :: Clark Bowenford spins @ The Velvet - The Velvet
12:00PM SLT :: Katherine Ivory spins @ The Velvet - The Velvet
2:00PM SLT :: Marian Dragovar reads Nature Stories - Main Stage
3:00PM SLT :: Elegia Underwood reads from "Walden" by Thoreau" - Main Stage
7:00PM SLT :: Open Mic Night till 9pm - Main Stage

Sunday, July 4th
Monday, July 5th
2:00PM SLT :: TriviaAid, Lotus and Lette host Trivia - Main Stage

Tuesday, July 6th
5:00PM SLT :: TriviaAid, Olms and Honey host Trivia - Main Stage
7:00PM SLT :: TriviaAid, Carter Leaky hosts Trivia - Club Scandalous

Wednesday, July 7th
10:00AM SLT :: TriviaAid, Tequila hosts Trivia - Kokomo Beach
11:00AM SLT :: Storytelling W/ Caledonia Skytower - Main Stage
12:00PM SLT :: TriviaAid, Lacey and Clancy host Trivia - Main Stage
3:00PM SLT :: Storytelling W/ Caledonia Skytower - Main Stage
5:00PM SLT :: TriviaAid, Jeanette hosts Trivia - Honah Lee
6:00PM SLT :: TriviaAid, Josh hosts Trivia - New Trivia Monkeys

Thursday, July 8th
9:00AM SLT :: TriviaAid, Maggie hosts Trivia - Sharon's Diner
11:00AM SLT :: TriviaAid, Host TBA Trivia - Main Stage
Noon SLT :: TriviaAid, Cully hosts Trivia - Trivy Isle
2:00PM SLT :: TriviaAid, Bo and Krogare host Trivia - TBA
6:00PM SLT :: Honey and Mako host Trivia -MonoChrome

Friday, July 9th
9:00AM SLT :: TriviaAid, Sharon hosts Trivia - Main Stage
1:00PM SLT :: Dogglounge House Music Party till 7:00PM SLT - Dogglounge
6:00PM SLT :: TriviaAid, Billy hosts Trivia - New Trivia Moneys
9:00PM SLT :: Surrealist Games & Poptronica W/ M.Dragovar - Main Stage

Saturday, July 10th
12:00pm SLT :: Organica Marathon Fundraiser
2:00PM SLT :: Derry McMahon w/Dryad Stories
3:00PM SLT :: Elegia Underwood
4:00PM SLT :: TriviAid - Main Stage

Sunday, July 11th
10:00AM SLT :: Chibo Bloc Party & Parade
10:00AM SLT :: TriviAid - Main Stage
2:00PM SLT :: Open Mic - Main Stage
6:00PM SLT :: Bellyup/Spag: Little Mermaid Performance Art

Monday, July 12th
Tuesday, July 13th
Wednesday, July 14th

5:00PM SLT :: Crap Mariner with Stories - Main Stage

7:00PM SLT :: Astrud Sands - W/Memoir

For more information regarding Operation Squeegee, please contact Tidal Shoreland-Operation Squeegee Director/Treasurer. For event information contact Marian Dragovar- Operation Squeegee Events Coordinator. Media wanting to interview or setup appointment with Tidal Shoreland please contact Annette Wilder-Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc™ Owner.


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