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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ansleigh's Corner

One of the many things we all love about Second Life is the opportunity it provides us to discover many different sides of ourselves. In Second Life, the outlets for creativity are endless. You could be a RL insurance salesman who starts a million-Linden fashion label, a grocery store clerk who builds a grid-wide media outlet, an average office worker who creates an in-world architecture firm, or a student who discovers an unknown ability for webdesign.

Annette Wilder is an example of such a person. She has taken advantage of Second Life to build Wilder Public Relations from the ground up, and now it is the thriving company you see today. We at Wilder are proud to be doing our part to help others in Second Life make their dreams happen by promoting their businesses and events. We are blessed to have such wonderful clientele and will continue to do all we can to bring them the utmost in satisfaction and results.

These opportunities in Second Life give us a chance that we may not normally have in Real Life to nurture our talents. Someone with an eye for design and aesthetics builds fantastic buildings and sims, another person with a flair for fashion and a handle on the properties of fabric and garments creates beautifully breathtaking gowns. In the case of Wilder, Annette has taken a knack for business, a knowledge of advertising, and a gift with words to write creative and effective releases and proposals for our clients. It is this gift with words and the write ups which she creates using it that bring our clients successful results again and again.

Being an avid writer myself, I am pleased to have the chance to exercise my skills in this blog every week. The power of words never ceases to amaze me. Words can be pointed or pointless; the right ones can score you points while the wrong ones can point you straight to the dog house. I could illustrate this point in a blog all its own, but I digress, and I’m sure by now you get the point.

The most important thing when choosing your second career is to figure out what your talents or skills are and pursue them avidly. Not everyone in Second Life is meant to be a model or a content creator. It is wise to remember that the possibilities are vast, and choosing the right one for you is crucial. So many of us are forced by necessity in our Real Lives to do things we don’t necessarily like doing. In Second Life, the beauty is that there is no need to pretend. Should you make the unfortunate decision to be something you are not, know that inevitably the truth will come out and you’ll find yourself stuck in an impossible situation where you are miserable and the people whom you know are disappointed.

At Wilder, we fully believe in the work that we do and could not be happier doing it. Our team is professional, dedicated, and indomitable: we know there are wonderful things in store for us and no one and nothing will stand in our way. We keep these values in mind when we evaluate and choose our customers. We take on only the best; those who share our vision of the wonderful possibilities offered by Second Life and who are truly passionate about their work. It is these clients who have made us the success that we are, and for that we are eternally grateful.

I hope all of you out there have success in your Second Lives and well as your Real Lives. Always remember that your happiness begins and ends with you. People will always surprise you; some will even want to see you fail, but it is entirely up to you to make what you want out of life. If you have the will and determination to reach your goals then it is in your power to make it happen, and I know you will.

Wishing you only the best,
Ansleigh Beverly
Administrative Assistant, Wilder PR