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Monday, April 20, 2009

Ansleigh's Corner

If you ever visit Six Flags in Atlanta, Georgia, be sure to ride the Great American Scream Machine. A giant and very old wooden roller coaster, the Scream Machine is sure to jar your teeth and leave you wondering where your stomach went. The second you reach the crest of the first hill, you’ll wonder why you even got on it; you’ll be sure that the thing will collapse, you’ll be thrown from the car, or you’ll lose your lunch. You’ll hear the screams of those around you, and you’ll vaguely remember the feeling from somewhere, and, in that fraction of a second of weightless uneasiness before you plummet down the other side, you’ll think to yourself, “Oh yeah…that one week in SL….”

There’s no denying that the previous week was one of extreme highs and lows. Of the highs, they may have been few, but they were good. We at Wilder were pleased to be in attendance at some of the first events of our client Annemarie Perenti’s Best of Italian Elegance competition. All of the ladies in contention were fantastic, and we here at Wilder would like to offer our congratulations and best wishes to all of the wonderful finalists. Saturday, the Wilder ladies stepped out again to attend Amutey DeCuir’s Bliss Couture Spring Fashion Show, which we helped promote, and enjoyed viewing her new line of gowns for the new season. To all of you who also attended these fantastic events, thank you so much for joining us for a display of some of the finest creativity, style, and excellence SL has to offer.

As for the lows, some of you may know what they are and some of you may be lucky enough that you do not, but since I do not wish to dwell on the negative, I will not discuss them here. I will, however, continue my earler conceit: As you fly over the hilly track, bouncing roughly up and down, back and forth, cursing yourself for climbing into such a rickety old coaster, you’ll think back to this week and relive all of the trying things that have happened. You’ll remember the surprise, the sadness, the shock, the disbelief, and finally the seething anger. Your voice will join the many around you, some screaming in delight, some in terror as you all barrel toward your final destination together, and only you’ll know which emotion will color it.

Your ride on the Scream Machine will seem to stretch on for ages, much like this tumultuous past week has. But in a mere two minutes, it will all be over. Here is where my comparison ceases to fit inside its neat little box. Although known as the Terror of the Timber, once it’s over, most will remember the ride as a fun experience. Unfortunately, no one will say the same of last week. Although the events of these past few days have left a lasting, unwanted, and, for many, painful mark on a great number of our lives, one positive note is that, like the roller coaster, it accounts for just a moment in the grander scheme of time. Nothing will ever fully right what has happened, but time can make it easier to bear.

Time never ceases; with each new day come new opportunities, challenges, and successes. And with each new day, our past setbacks, heartaches, and failures fall further and further behind us. It is prudent for us all to allow the past to go and focus on the bright future ahead of us. We at Wilder intend to do just that. We are excited about the completion of the Best of Italian competition and anxiously await what May and all of the coming months hold in store. As always, we thank our friends and clients for their wonderful help and support in making Wilder Public Relations the success that it is, and look forward to having you all be a part of the great things yet to come for us.

Wishing you only the best,
Ansleigh Beverly
Assistant, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. ™