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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ansleigh's Corner

We've all felt it coming, but something about Easter always makes spring feel like it's really sprung. Everything in nature is budding with a renewed sense of life and bursting with new and better things to offer us in the coming year.

And things are no different here in SL...

At Wilder, things are blooming quite nicely this month. We've had the pleasure of working with Annemarie Perenti of Best of Italian Style as she puts on her Elegance SL Competition, encouraging women from all walks of this Second Life to come out and show their fresh take on style and elegance. We've also worked with the wonderful people of Koinup as they put on their Comic Strip Contest, inviting any aspiring cartoonist in SL to take advantage of a brand new and innovative tool, the Murku HUD, to show us all what creative and unique talents our neighbors here possess. Finally, we're excited this month to be involved with Amutey DeCuir, of Bliss Couture, and her forthcoming fashion show, where she'll be showcasing some lovely designs for spring.

Our clients aren't the only ones making a splash this spring; the Wilder team stepped out this weekend to attend the Narkissos fashion show, presented by Styles of edo, and featuring the talented designers of Narkissos Fashion Village. We were delighted to see some gorgeous new looks there, including the work of Wilder's newest client Asalt Eames, whom we are pleased to be working with very soon. This was the first fashion show I've been to and I quite enjoyed myself. The many different outlets of creativity in SL never cease to amaze me; much like the coming of spring never ceases to amaze us out of our dreary winter gloom.

For those of you who may not know, I myself am still pretty green here at Wilder. However, as we always see this time of year, a lot of growing can be done in just a few short weeks. I already feel quite at home in our beautiful office, and I've been made quite welcome by both Annette and Mahala, as well as all of you out there that I've had the pleasure of meeting. I look forward to growing even more with Wilder in time to come.

On behalf of Wilder PR Firm, I wish all of you joy and happiness this holiday. This is a time to reflect and be grateful for all of the wonderful things in our lives and a time to look ahead with great hope to what lies in store for us. We'd also like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all of our great clients and colleagues: thank you for all that you do to help and support our company. We count ourselves truly blessed to know you and wish to renew this spring what we hope will be a perennial friendship between us all.

Wishing you only the best,
Ansleigh Beverly
Assistant, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. ™