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Friday, July 11, 2008

Koinup Press Release


PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Firm, Inc. for Koinup

RE: Koinup's expanding presence in Second Life

Move over MySpace and Flickr. As far as the virtual world platforms are concerned, Koinup is the site to display your Second Life. Koinup combines social networking, photography and machinima display, weekly events and contests for all virtual world platforms to participate in. Koinup is already popular amongst those who have discovered the exciting and fun contests available within Second Life. The website is ideal for people who want to stay in contact with their friends, share their stories and art outside the realm of SL.

The future of Koinup in SL is very exciting. Koinup has begun to have many events each month, with the goal of bringing people together to share creativity and have excellent opportunities for contest winning photos. Koinup has many tools which allow everyone to share their works easily with friends, other websites, and blogs. It is an ideal place for designers, fashionistas, artists, models, dj's, machinima creators, etc. to exhibit their works. However, the contests and ease of use of the site makes it a great place for everyone to share their Second Life!Unlike other social networking sites, Koinup is strictly for virtual worlds, making it the first of its kind. It is easy to create a profile, share your works (i.e. photos, machinima, stories) on the site, as well as make new friends and let's not forget the contests.

The contests and events are sponsored, meaning not only do the winners receive recognition of their work from their peers, but they also have prizes! The contests receive much coverage in the media, making it a great place for designers and content creators to show off their work. Koinup's creators also know what makes the website the very best of it's kind: the users. Feedback is taken seriously- many of the sites best features are those that were suggested by the users.

This website is for everyone who wants to share their Second Life, and what is amazing is that one can see other virtual world's content creators are producing. The creators of Koinup would like to invite everyone to take a look at their Second Life contests happening right now and judge for themselves how exciting it can be. Maybe even enter a few! Creating an account and sharing works is very easy, and soon many will find themselves using all the available tools, widgets, and soon to be added groups that make Koinup the great website that it is. The amazing and easy to use tools such as: crossporting your pictures directly from Flickr, sending postcards directly from SL, banner creation and sharing, easy invitation process, and work sharing make Koinup not only the coolest place to share works, but also the easiest! Sparking creativity, engineering an environment for sharing, celebrating, and recognizing the amazing work of SL's users is what makes Koinup so special.

As Koinup continues to recieve feedback and suggestions from it's users, it is a clear indication that Koinup is the site on the internet to use for sharing and uploading works to be seen by fellow users of Second Life, other virtual worlds, and everyone else.

Take a look at some of the contests going on right now:

A day in Your Virtual Life, machinima contest

The SL Gion Portrait Portrait Contest

Second Life's home on Koinup

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