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Saturday, July 12, 2008


★ AVENUE Models ★

12 JULY 2008

PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Inc. for AVENUE Models & EXXESS Designs

Re: A New World Order - an EXXESS Designs Fashion Show by AVENUE Models

Come Saturday July 19 at 10am slt, witness AVENUE Model's much anticipated relaunch fashion show in collaboration with EXXESS Designs. This will be a synergy of two powerhouses AVENUE Models and EXXESS Designs that are sure not to disappoint those in attendance. You are invited to the first fashion show for AVENUE Models since its amazing grand reopening in June. The show will feature the fierce fashions of EXXESS Designs. If you have never experienced the look of EXXESS you are definitely not going to want to miss this show. If you have seen EXXESS we know we will see you there as well because you know what awesome outfits will be featured. EXXESS Designs is a store that when you venture into it, you will not leave out without purchasing some of the "killer" outfits that you will find inside.

EXXESS Designs opened in November of 2007 by the gifted designer Layja Vidor. Layja puts a lot of time into everything she makes. She makes not only some of the hottest clothes you will find in Second Life but also hair and accessories as well. She admits that she does not sit and think about the outfits she just starts working on them and wait to see what it is to become. Therefore, even she has no idea when first working on one of her extraordinary outfits just how extraordinary it will turn out. She has a knack of making some of the sexiest clothing and well fitting clothing that appeals to a wide range of people in Second Life. The show's producer and choreographer will be none other than the unprecedented CEO of AVENUE Models, Rusch Raymaker. Rusch has produced and choreographed fashion shows in Second Life since the opening of AVENUE INC in 2007. She brings with her over 15 years of real life experience and creativity that will set high standards in the fashion world of Second Life making AVENUE Models a tough act to follow.

The combination of the beautiful talented AVENUE Models plus the show stopper clothing from EXXESS is sure to be an epic event that anyone who is a fashionista or a lover of beauty do not want to miss. Rusch Raymaker has teamed up with the proprietress and CEO of the infamous La Belle Vie furniture, Zasa Rossini, who is the builder of the fabulous runway that is set to amaze all those attending the event. The show will feature some of the top models of not only AVENUE but of SL world of modeling. It is sure to be a show stopper to see this bevy of beauties all on one runway together. The show will be RSVP only therefore it cannot be stressed enough at the end of the release who you should contact for the teleport into the show location and when. With the models and the designs that will be featured it is sure to fill up quickly so make sure you will be among the lucky ones that get in before the show location has reached it's capacity.

To be blown away is an understatement this show is going to be phenomenal and will be quite a way to put AVENUE Models back in its rightful top position in the world of SL modeling agencies. This is one of those legendary events you definitely do not want to miss being part of. Be sure to RSVP today to reserve your spot and we will see you there. EXXESS Designs allow you to be fierce, bold, passionate, untamed, and sexy. In the words of Layja ,"Start making your Second Life fantasy more creative to suit you. Don't just dream it become it." Come out to view this fiery, bold, and beautiful fashion show spectacular. We'll see you there!

All media who will be attending the event must RSVP Annette Wilder to be added to access list in order to teleport in. Anyone who is not media must RSVP to Autumn Thatch of AVENUE Models to be added to the list. Without an RSVP you will not be able to get into the event. Please do this as soon as possible due to limited space.

For questions regarding EXXESS Designs or an interview please contact Layja Vidor. For all questions and interviews regarding AVENUE Models please contact Rusch Raymaker.


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