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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our new Admin. Asst.

Above Photo taken by Angelique Ronmark, CEO, of Studio Angel.

There were over thirty potential candidates for my Administrative Assistant position. I have chosen as my Administrative Assistant, Mahala Bing, and she is a wonderful choice. To contact Wilder PR in-world please go through Mahala Bing and she will assist you with making contact with me as quickly as possible. If you want to set an appointment contact Mahala and she will check my schedules and get back to you regarding that or any other questions you may possibly have for me.

Welcome to Team Wilder Mahala, I am happy to have you. For all of the candidates that applied I would like to thank you and tell you this was one of the toughest choices I had to make. I wish you all luck with your careers and would like to say Wilder PR appreciates you all for coming out and interviewing or sending in resumes.