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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Join "The Wilder Side of Business!"

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Well hello everyone! The Wilder Side of Business radio show has been keeping us busy, as we have been searching far and wide for superb guests to be on our show this season. We have gotten many 'yes' replies and are looking forward to bringing you our guests and their stories. Our next show will be next week and we will get some information up for you this coming week about that guest. We now have our in-world group The Wilder Side of Business! be sure to join that group in order to keep up with our upcoming radio guests and events.

We are still looking for more musicians to appear on our upcoming musical episodes. We have some excellent talent lined up but are currently searching for additional singers to be possible guests as well. If you are interested please visit our website, and fill out the contact information sheet. Send us your name, type of music you sing, your email, and your website, blog, or Youtube information so that we can view these things and learn more about you. Second Life is full of many wonderfully talented individuals, we know you are out there now get on our show and be heard!

To send in your information to be a guest on our show visit:!form__map/c24vq