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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wilder Radio Social Segment with Anden Tolsen

Here are a few highlights from this weeks social agenda:

Modavia Fashion Week 2010
To all you fashionistas, today is DAY 4 of the Modavia Fashion Week. Some of the designers hitting the runway today are
LeeZu! and Niven Collection and you can expect to see Bliss Couture, B! Fashion, Eshi and many other later this week. For more information check out

Haiku Speed Build
For all you poetry lovers and builders, I discovered one of the most creative sims that fuses the both together. Every second and fourth Thursday of the month Virtual Artist Alliance hosts a speed building contest based on a haiku poem. Each contestant has 50 minutes to create a sculpture that best exemplifies the haiku within a 50 prim limit.

Hair Fair 2010
The fifth annual Hair Fair, held through September 19, celebrates the best in Second Life hairstyle design. All proceeds from this year's event benefit Wigs for Kids.

Anden Tolsen
Wilder PR Firm, Marketing Intern