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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If you started the AZUL hunt be sure to continue!! AZUL Christmas Hunt 2009

Hunt Schedule: (already in progress can only win if you started the hunt from the 1st stage)

1st stage (Hunt HUD)-> starts Dec 10 (Thu) 11:00pm SLT
2nd stage -> starts Dec 14 (Mon) 11:00pm SLT
3rd stage & Gift -> starts Dec 18 (Fri) 11:00pm SLT ends Dec 25(Fri) 11:00pm SLT

1. First to get started you must find gift boxes hidden within AZUL SIM. In this 1st stage, you'll get a HUD from the gift box and it may be counted as your 1st point. The Gift box will give you a HUD randomly, even though you may receive a hud from a gift box it doesn't always contain a hud that will give you the 1st point you need to move on from the first stage.

2. Once you have received the correct HUD wear this HUD and continue on to the 2nd and 3rd stage of the hunt when their start dates begin. Please search the sim to find and touch the gift boxes until you get your additional points needed to complete the hunt. When the hunt is in the2nd stage period, you will NOT be able to find the 1st or 3rd points. You can only find the point which is for the stage that is occurring at that time.

*If you failed to find all boxes, please wait 2 hours till script is reset and try again.

3. If you collect all three points, you will have a right to get a limited AZUL Christmas gown(No transfer). After collectiong all the points, please come to the terrace in the center of AZUL SIM and touch the Gift Panel while wearing the Hunt HUD.