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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Even though it's virtual doesn't mean it's not stealing...

My logo created by me for Wilder PR with the lion
Jaydell Lorefield logo after I banned her from our Wilder PR office (click for larger view)
So have you ever had something stolen or copied that you've done in Second Life? If so join the crowd. There is a public relations firm that has copied our logo and changed from lion to tiger and has even taken one of my press releases and changed it up and added her name and company to it. She wants to make it as though my clients are her clients which I find appalling. She shows up at our events even though she is banned and muted. I had to ban her from my location and from my flickr. I now know what the lady in Single White Female the movie felt like when someone wanted to be her. It's very creepy and it makes you wonder what happens to a person to make them not have an identity of their own and forces them to try to take yours. I find all of this strange and am glad that my family gave me love and showed me what type of things I was capable of because possibly with no one believing in you, you might turn out like this person. Wilder PR will keep climbing to the top as it always has and for those who like to try to ride on my coat tails I hope you can hang on tight but my advice is to get your own personality and identity. If you don't think you are somebody no one else will either. People please get some dignity and be original you only live once.

Annette Wilder