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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The search is on for Miss Narkissos, have you got what it takes?

The search is on for'Miss Narkissos' and the winner will be the new "Face" of the Narkissos Fashion Village!
Do you feel you have what it takes? If so read the information below to find out how to enter.

Some of the most well known people in the modeling industry will be judges, a few are listed below:
Mimmi Boa (Miss Virtual World 2009)
Kay Fairey ( Director of Team edo)
Poptart Lilliehook (The Owner and CEO of Modavia Fashion Marketing)
Payton Heron (Director of Modavia Productions)
Laura18 Streeter (COO of LOOK Elite model)
and more!

➊The lucky winner will be displayed on posters for Narkissos as the "Face" of Narkissos, ➋will be the leading model at the next Narkissos show, ➌will receive fabulous prizes from all the designers at the Narkissos sim and Styles of edo, ➍will receive the gorgeous 'Miss Narkissos Tiarra' by Virtual Impressions,
➎and you will receive lessons at 'Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy' of Mimmi Boa (2009 Miss Virtual world) for Free!

➊Entry: from Aug 29th(sat) to Sep 10th (Thu)
*Entries will be accepted once the 2pm Narkissos Fashion Show ends on August 29th (Saturday)

➋Announce Five finalists : Sep 12th(sat)
*Five finalists will be chosen from the pictures received

➌Announce Winner : Sep 19th(sat) 12pm SLT @Narkissos
*There will be a ceremony where the winner will be announced

:::Rules for entering contest:::
1) Each contestant must submit 2 photos (head shot + full body shot)

2) The snapshot must be 512 x 512 with full permission.
The photos should be a 'Snapshot' which was saved to your inventory, we will not accept a'Texture' which was saved to your Hard drive once.

3) The model in the picture must be wearing items from the shops located at the Narkissos sim (you may not however, just wear a bracelet only. You must have on an outfit from the sim and you may also wear accessories such as hair, shoes, jewelry, hats, etc. from the clothing shops at the sim). The items worn in the pictures cannot be freebies or dollarbies or the photos will not be used.

4) All photos must be sent in a folder named "Miss Narkissos Contest - ". Each photo must have your name on them and the entire folder then must be sent to Mami Jewell or Annette Wilder.
Photos will not be returned once received; they are entered into contest and become property of Narkissos sim.

5) Five finalists will be announced before the winner is chosen.

For more information regarding Narkissos, please contact edo Tone-Owner.
Media wanting to interview or setup appointment with edo please contact Annette Wilder-Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc™ Owner or Mami Jewell of AZUL.


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