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Friday, December 5, 2008


Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.™ has now begun our new frontier with our addition of MAHALA WEBDESiGNS™. Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.™ is now an umbrella corporation. We will have more in the works and we'll keep you all updated. Mahala Bing is the President for MAHALA WEBDESiGNS™ and the talented individual behind it. We will officially launch it by the end of December or early January. This brand new addition is yet another way for Wilder PR to help serve our wonderful clients.

Happy Holidays from Wilder PR and as 2009 draws closer we see the opportunities that it has in store for us and we are so excited!

On another note that has nothing to do with Wilder PR please go to and read the story written about griefers griefing Overcomers Church which Mahala and I both attend. We want to thank the wonderful owner of SL Enquirer Lanai Jarrico for reporting on the incident and writing that great story! Sigmund Leominster also wrote an awesome story for the Second Life Herald and here is the link for that
Let's work together to stop hateful acts like this in both worlds!

Annette Wilder, Owner, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.™ and MAHALA WEBDESiGNS™

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