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Monday, October 20, 2008



20 October 2008


PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. for Castle Valeriya Artist Gallery

Re: Cienega Soon's "CASTLE VALERIYA ARTIST GALLERY" GRAND REOPENING and the Opening of Fog Terrace Dark Psy Trance Club featuring a 24 hour Masquerade Party for the opening

Come join us for the highly anticipated Grand ReOpening of Cienega Soon's Castle Valeriya Artist Gallery. The gallery will officially reopen October 24th and will be a sight to behold. Cienega is well known for her vivid and lively art which brings fourth various emotions while being viewed. Cienega's art captures the attention of the viewer and draws them in making them want to know or learn more about each piece of art they are viewing. Her art has an edge and an appeal which reaches out to both the art connoisseur and to those that simply enjoy visually appealing art. This will also be the opening for Fog Terrace which will feature guest DJ's that will play Dark Psy Trance Music. The Fog Terrace is sure to quickly become a hit to those who love Dark Psy Trance and are looking for an awesome atmosphere to enjoy that in. A 24 hr Masquerade Party will begin at 6pm SLT, this will feature 12 Dj's who will fill the Fog Terrace with Psy, Goa, and Trance mixes for a solid 24 hours.

Cienega's Second Life® awards and accomplishments include: being a guest judge for the "Photomania Contest" held at the City of The Arts on Hyacinth Island, speaking at the Photo Institute which is Second Life's premier school for studying photography, winning both the Koinup® Exotic Contest and the Slartist IDOL contest. She was an exhibiting artist for SL5B. Cienega also placed as top 20 finalist out of 400 entries in the Stiletto Moody "Picture Your Moods" photo contest. For the opening of The ARTist's Park Cienega had a piece of original art that was displayed. In 2006 Avatrait presented Cienega Soon for the month of December and she is now one of their galleried Artists in their real life gallery just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Cienega is not just a talented artist in Second Life® she is also an artist in real life. Cienega's real life artwork uses many mediums such as oils, acrylics, sculpting with metal and wood, soft leather and feather mixed with glass and her stained glass work. Cienega has only displayed a few of her real life artworks in Second Life® because she believes that the beauty of Second Life® should be celebrated in its environment without real life artworks being present and hanging around in an unnatural view. Cienega Soon has been selected as one of the artists for the real life exhibition Rinascimento Virtuale (Virtual Renaissance) which will open at the Museum of Natural History of Florence, Italy. October 21, 2008-January 7, 2009.

Her artistic talents are just as original as her name and anyone who knows of her gifted skill will tell you of her innate abilities. Some would say art like this is not something that one can learn, this is a talent that you must be born with in order to do it this well. Cienega has been called a "photographic lyricist" and she feels that art is alive everywhere she creates it and there is a need for her to sing with her hand and eyes. She states," I sit and paint my version of my photo, my hand interprets what my eye sees deep inside the shot. To me THIS is my ART and my HEART turned inside out, capturing the beauty of what has been created in this Virtual 3D World by its many talented gods ‘Their Creation’. What a wonderful talent Second Life® has assembled. It truly is worth capturing & hanging on a wall.”

For more information regarding the Grand Reopening of Cienega Soon's Artists Gallery and Fog Terrace contact Cienega Soon (Owner of CASTLE VALERIYA ARTIST GALLERY) or Annette Wilder (CEO of Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc). Media wanting an interview regarding Cienega's artwork can contact Cienega Soon directly to setup an appointment. If this release is published on your site please contact us and let us know.

Date : October 24, 2008 (Friday)
Time : 5pm SLT

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